Plegridy advice

I was diagnosed in March after being mis diagnosed in 2016. I have quite a few lesions in both brain and spinal chord. We are trying to conceive so was told plegridy was my only option. Had the first one and suffered flu like symptoms but nothing further. Took the second and had a week off work with trouble walking, dizziness and sickness, was told this was a relapse, took my third over the weekend and am suffering with flu like symptoms, sickness, stomach issues, dizziness and generally feel crap. I had to come out of work today. I have an appt with me MS nurse tomorrow and am at the point where I want to refuse to continue with plegridy, I can’t feel this ill for a week in every two it’s not manage able and is now seriously affecting my mental health too. Has any switched from plegridy or had a similar experience? Any advice out there?

Hey, sorry this reply is a bit late, but just saw this post.
I’m not sure about all the different drugs and their status regarding people trying to conceive but I’m sure I’ve read before that copaxone is considered safe? It may be less effective than the one you are taking but if your side effects are intolerable it could be worth checking if you could switch to that one. The side effects of it are supposedly minimal in the grand scheme of dmd side effects.
Good luck x x x