Plegridy injection

Good morning, my son(21)has been newly diagnosed with MS. He has been using Plegridy and is due today for his next injection.
I need advice on anyone experiencing symptoms in their first 6 months and if it becomes better. He complains of stabbing pains inside his head for about 3 days after the Plegridy and sometimes in between. Just before he has to take the next injection, as soon as he starts walking or slightly exercising he experiences the same stabbing pain and nausea. Anyone with the same symptoms please?

I am on plegridy. Yes. I promise you, it gets better. During the first few injections, he may get an erythema on the injection site, try whitchhazel gel (recommended by my MS nurse). During the first injections I had weakness in my legs, no energy to walk for a couple of days, some nausea and migraines that lasted 2-3 days. I took loads of paracetamol. After 3 months, all I experience is one day of migraine, weakness, slow walking straight after injection, and that’s it. Yet, please talk to the MS nurse. He/she will advise.

Other side effects I have experienced with pregridy: a bit of diarrhoea, dehydration. It’s important to drink loads of water. I had my full blood count after 3 months of starting. All normal.