Waiting for MRI

Hi there, not sure I have MS yet but I thought I’d share my story.

I’m currently waiting for my MRI on the 3rd November to confirm whether or not I have MS and I’m finding it difficult to cope. I guess I’m posting here to share my experience so far and to see if anyone else here has been through something similar. If anyone has any suggestions as to what’s going on with me they would be welcome also!

My symptoms started last June with a weird tingling in my arm. I felt kind of drained and a bit “foggy brained” but this passed in a few days. Since then the symptoms have come back slightly worse every few months.

In early September I woke up with a kind of electric burning pain running up and down from my left ear down the back of my neck to my left arm and leg. I was terrified and saw my doctor later the same day. He was pretty understanding and put me on Tramadol for the pain and asked me to see him that Friday. The pain hadn’t gone by Friday so he switched me to Amitryptiline and booked me for an MRI appointment.

The pills help a little but the pain has been coming and going ever since. My hands keep cramping up, I’m having toilet problems and feel “foggy brained” most of the time. My appetite has gone and I’ve been getting really bad stomach cramps. I feel like I’m going crazy! I feel stressed and anxious most of the time and I’m not getting much enjoyment out of life right now.

How do people cope with these kinds of symptoms? What should I do to keep me going for the next month?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Peter,

It is best not to jump the gun, your symptoms could be other things.

The pills will help you, it may take a bit of time to get you sorted, but eventually they will work.

As for the pain and symptoms, everyone is different, thats why its so difficult to say individually, the pain unfortunately will always be there, you get use to it as time goes on. SORRY. but its easy as you go.

Best wishes, Andy