Plegridy availability

can anyone help - I wanted to be prescribed Plegridy as this would reduce any side effects to weekly. Kings college hospital advised me that it is not available through them. Does anyone know why? Is anyone using Plegridy?

I start Avonex tomorrow bit scared. I’ll report how I get on.

Good luck :slight_smile: x

Hello Mermaid.

I am just coming off Plegridy to go on Tecfidera, though I’m in southern Ireland. I thought it was available in all Europe now…? Perhaps not. Did you not ask why Kings it’s not available through them?

Anyway, I began Plegridy July last year. I chose it for what I thought would be the ease of administering the drug and the slight side effects. I had a second relapse in mid September and had a week in hospital on iv steroids. That relapse has left a marked difference in my walking, sad to say. The flu like symptoms were mild, a couple of Paracetamol sorted them. However, apart from the spectacular red/black injection site reactions that remain for a month, for me the deal breaker was the low moods/depression. Bang on cue the day after injection, I would not want to get out of bed. When I eventually did resurect, I would spend the day weeping for no reason at all. I was very angry too. This would last 2/3 days and then I’d be back to normal. My recent mri done for comparison, showed no changes, so Plegridy was working. However, for me, those side effects were just too much, and they were avoidable with alternatives.

Hope you get on okay with Avonex. :slight_smile:

Dear Poppy6488

Thank you for your reply. Kings didn’t give a reason really something about the drug company.

The moods/depression sound horrific, good that you are switching. The relapse must have knocked you back, a problem with a softer drug, Scary. It would be good if you could post how you get on with Techfidera as that was offered to me but the PML bothered me. Also wanted to start soft and not go in all guns blazing.

Good luck Poppy, thanks again. Vicki

Thank you

I will certainly report how I get on with it.

My Neuro was reluctant to agree to Tec at first, pointing out the risks and thatshe “doesn’t have a cure”.

My view is, everything comes with a risk of sorts. Every time i get in my car or cross the road, I’m at risk. The fact that my bloods will be monitored every three months reassures me. If I have to come off of it because of low lymphocytes then so be it. Fingers crossed now.