Avonex to Plegridy - do I or don't I?


Well, a couple of years ago my neuro wanted to move me to Tecfidera from Avonex. I decided not to and now as my last two MRIs have shown no change I’m OK staying with Avonex. The thing is after 16 years worth of injections my poor old legs are getting a bit fed up so I’m contemplating switching to Plegridy to reduce the injections.

I still get side effects from Avonex (shivers and aching) on occasion but I just wondered how much worse the symptoms are for Plegridy. I’ve seen people on the forum say they are affected for a couple of days. I just wondered if there was anyone else that had swapped who was fine with Avonex but found Plegridy a lot worse.

Thanks for any replies.


Hi Jo, My experience has been I took Avonex for 5 years, I got a stinking headache each week for 24 hrs but other than that I was ok with it. I switched to Plegridy in January this year, it’s a far easier injection to do, but I get a big rash a few days later, it doesn’t really itch but doesn’t look pritty and takes about 4 weeks to fade so I’m a pritty sight of rashes up and down!!! I don’t get the headache either, if I take a couple of paracetamol with the injection then I’m fine. My lastest blood test as came back with abnormal white blood cell count so I’m not sure, but suspect, Plegridy is to blame for that, but doctor’s not really concerned about it, waiting to see what happens with next test in 6 months. In short if you don’t mind having the rash I’d go for it, I’m glad I did, getting rid of the headaches was a big plus and it’s such an easy injection. Good luck x

Hi LucyAnnie

Thanks for your reply - that’s really useful to know. The main reason I want to change from Avonex is that after all these years I’ve got red patches over my legs and bumps that have built up underneath. The original MS nurse that trained me to do the injections only showed me a limited area to inject in. Fortunately, the current MS nurse has shown me a wider area that has helped. I’m currently thinking that I might give it a go but make sure they say I can go back on Avonex if I have problems.

Thanks again

Jo x