Any one on plegridy?


Is any one out there on plegridy? There doesn’t seem to be much up to date information to be found.

I’m currently on rebif and the change from 3 injections a week to 1 every fortnight is appealing but I’m worried I might be moving out of the frying pan into the fire so to speak.

I have a meeting with my ms nurse soon to discuss the change but wanted real life stories as well. There’s nothing like hearing from others who have already been there and done that.




I’m not on Plegridy, but I have to ask why you’re trading one injectable interferon with around 35% relapse reduction for another. The only benefit seems to be that you’re trading 3 injections per week for 1 per fortnight, but why not change to Tecfidera or Gilenya, both better relapse reduction rates and both oral therapies. It would seem utterly reasonable to me, if you’re changing from Rebif, to change for something better.

Obviously, you’ve probably already considered this and have valuable reasons for the switch.


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I did ask about tecfidera but wasn’t offered it as a possibility. Bit of a long story I’ll not bore you with but there was some confusion as to what I was eligible for, criteria wise and if I stopped the rebif I could end up on nothing.

The ms nurse appointment is to bottom out what is happening really but plegridy was one that was mentioned so I wanted to try and find out as much as possible about it before I went.

The fewer injections is definitly a plus.

Thanks for the reply

Diagnosed May last year Plegridy was my drug of choice for the simple reason you mentioned injection one a fortnight. I started full strenght dosage August and all was fine. A relapse in mid Sept saw me back in hospital on IV Steroids and my walking has significantly deteriorated after that attack. I’ve now noticed I am incredibley tearful and feeling very low the day after the injection. I mean really tearful, as in sobbing for no reason and not wanting to get out of bed, but forcing myself out by lunchtime. This lasts for about two days and then I’m fine again. I find the injections in my thigh actually hurt, and I have a high pain threshold! The bruises that remain there for months after are quite spectacular. I also find I ache and get a lot of muscle pain in my arms. Flu like symptoms I suppose.

I am trying to change to Tecfidera when I next see my Neuro, as I don’t feel Plegridy is the one for me. I made an un-informed choice at the start and it was only from this site, that I’ve learned of the percentages etc.

Good luck with your choice.

Thanks Poppy,

There is a big part of me thinks I should just stay with what I know, but I’m going to go along and see what is said and try and make a decision from that.

I hope tecfidera works out ok for you and that you are able to swap soon.


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