Please - tell me what you think?

Sorry but I really want peoples opinions on my updated post on ‘ESA supersession help needed’ and I think it’s being passed over as it’s an old thread? I need reassurance that what is happening to me is wrong.

I particularly would like to know if you think my doctor has acted dishonestly and unprofessionally by making judgements on my fitness for work when she hasn’t seen me for 5 months and has never physically examined me and by disregarding everything I have told her about my fatigue and sensory problems etc?

Thanks. Feeling vulnerable today. x

Hey perky, sorry your not feeling so good today… don’t have any experience with ESA so i cant really judge, although it doesnt sound ‘fair’. Didnt want to read and run so thought Id leave you a ((hug)) to say hope your feeling less vulnerable soon.

P. x

Thank you so much, support from people on here always makes me feel better x

I really dont know what to say either.Could you go to CAB for advice and help with what to do?


Thankyou. The thing with CAB is I don’t drive so getting there would be difficult and I don’t fancy relating the whole saga over the phone - I don’t know if they might help me via email?

Does the MS Society ever step in to help in these situations, does anyone know?

I guess it wouldnt harm to give them a ring and check… they might at least have some advice to give. x

Ive heard others say when they have called the helpline the response has been brilliant and I would think its a situation thats come up before by some of the posts you read on here about doctors. Nothing to lose.


Here are some usefull lonks and you can then determin why or how they have scored you:

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The following pages contain a mockup of the questions and you can score yourself.However it does state this is not accurate and will not help the outcome of a decission on benefits.It also explains the appeals system.

They are very informative and worth a read and passing onto others.

Your GP’s professionalism does seem a bit dodgy. Praps you could ask to see another GP within the practice,and because they do talk to each other about their customers your reason for a second opinion might be mentioned.

I wonder whether any GP is entitled to comment on fitness to work after a five month gap and no physical examination. Maybe only a neuroligist is qualified to pass comment on the kind of sensory deficit you’re talking about.

DONNOT accuse the GP of the things you’ve mentioned on here,otherwise ‘They’ will close ranks, and they stick together like 5hit to a blanket.

Good luck, Wb

ps Make photocopies of all correspondence

Thank you wb. That is a good point re; closing ranks. I have managed to get an appointment for this afternoon, so I will tread carefully!

I have been bitten before, and now always photocopy correspondence, make notes in my diary and also email details to myself of what happened when etc just in case!