Please please no more.

Hi all, I am going into hospital for steroids and to start treatment. i am so sad. i had hoped things would happen alot slower than this. I also have a breast lump which has been there for a while but I ignored. Now I have to get that sorted too. My aunt died from breast cancer in her 30s and my mum had breast cancer in her 40s. I was in denial about the lump as I first found it around the time of all the MS stuff … Life really does suck sometimes but I’m remaining positive for now. I hope this is a thing of nothing and I ignored it for the right reason. I can’t talk to my family as I don’t want them to worry. Some friends know about the MS but I don’t want to be the friend with the MS. I want to be me… The joker, fashionista, always takes the longest to get dressed for a night out, last to be dragged out of the nightclub after dancing the night away. The girl who loves my friends and family so much I would do anything to protect them from all of this. I can cope with this better than most people I know but iv reached saturation point. Please please no more. Sorry for the pity party. Love Lilly xxx

hug (sometimes thats better than any words)

ellie x

Big hugs and try to stay positive xxxx

Aww Lilly

I hope it helped you just to pour it all out. from me too

Tracey x

Hi Lilly, You sound like a little fighter and try and remember that! You are and this won’t beat you!! Now, please book a ladies night out ( something wild) and then get your toosh down to the hospital and sort one thing at a time, but please sort them. Please keep me updated - I mean that x x x Sending you hugs and buckets of courage. X x x

Good luck with everything,sending positive vibes your way x

Hey! Honey, you HAVE to get the breast lump investigated. Your family has a history of breast cancer, do the docs will give you priority, I hope.

Please dont try to hide it or your MS away.

I am glad to read you still party and enjoy yourself. But try taking life a little more slowly, incase your stamina gives out.

luv Pollx

Thanks all you guys It’s just one thing after another right now. I can’t cope with much more. As for the getting out enjoying myself bit I haven’t had any night out or any fun since June. That’s how my friends know there is really something wrong… I’m always the life and soul of everything , even at work I try to raise everyone else’s spirits but right now I can barely drag myself to work let alone socialise. Poll I will get this sorted- I’m afraid if I mention too many things they will decide I’m crazy also but this lump is very real unfortunately…I kept putting it off but I’m scared now… Dreading the hospital admission… Love Lilly xxx

Just want to send you ((((hugs)))) Lilly.

Sounds like you are having a rubbish time of it at the moment. Sounds like the breast lump is really worrying you so when you get that sorted then that will help you deal with the other stuff eh?

I really hope you get on ok in hospital. Sounds like you need a nice rest. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but it might be just what you need. You will feel stronger after the steroids anyway eh?

Good luck Lilly, especially with the lump.

Be thinking of you.

Shazzie xx


What to say… first of all, you are having a shitty time, if i could you a hug i would but on the grounds i’m bald and not Brad Pitt, it may not help! I’ve told a few friends about my MS and their reaction was differing, from ‘shit the bed where did that come from?’ to ‘I always knew there was some different about you’ and somewhere in between was ‘does that mean you are not playing golf sunday?’.

I know this does not compare with what you are going through, God I can’t imagine, but tell your friends, even if it’s two or three and get some support going, try and be positive and remember… what was it? Bugger i’ve got MS I’ve forgotten…

Lots of love and at least a virtual hug.


Aw,massive hugs - I hope you feel better for off-loading, I’ve found the forum an amazing dumping ground for my stresses!

Take a deep breath hun and take it all in your stride i.e. in bite sized chunks! I don’t kid myself I can do it all now and striding along in a pair of heels is a thing of the past for me (standing up in them would be a start!) :wink:

Good luck hun, I hope things are reaching a plateaux (sp?) soon and you’ll be able to handle it all and feel like you’re able to cope

Sonia x

Sending you warm hugs and best wishes hun.

luv Pollx


Hi all In hospital now. Thanks for all the support. I’ll keep you updated and try to get all sorted while I’m in here- including the lump… Miss my baby already but ill be better able for her when I get home I hope. Love Lilly xxx

Hi Sending you a big hug and best wishes. Barney

Hey Lily,

please stay positive, it’s the only way I kow how to cope with everything. Hopefully you are thinking negatively about the lump because of your family history.

Sending you big hugs ((((()))))


lots of hugs hun and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Just think how much fun you can have with your baby when you get home and are feeling better.

JBK xx

Hi all, just an update. So MRI of spine showed transverse myelitis - whatever that means. That explains the numbness and foot symptoms. Looks like i won’t be avoiding DMDs any longer. I’m hanging in there now. Lilly xxx

Thankyou for keeping us updated from your hospital bed. have you had the lump removed or what?

Transverse myelitis is inflammation of the spinal cord…i`ve half expected the meds to pin that label on me.

You take care now now, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Lilly

Been thinking about you.

Hope you get some positive news soon hun, espcially about the lump.

Bet you can’t wait to get home to your baby.


Shazzie xx

Nothing at all done about the lump yet. Just my other symptoms… I fell last night after I got up to go the bathroom and now they have me basically confined to bed… I am so mortified. I fell and then I felt my leg all wet and yes- I had done it- I had pee’d all over the floor and myself. I also banged my head. The poor nurse came in to help me up and I was in tears with the embarrassment!!! She then spent the next half hour trying to cheer me up! She was so lovely. Said it could have been worse I could have pooped or both… I have to go for another MRI now. My husband and and baby were supposed to visit this afternoon- had all arranged from the bed - but no point now when I’m off for another scan. I’m scared. I’m worried about the speed that these symptoms seem to be progressing… Of course I’m also worried about the lump with my family history. Need that sorted too.