Lump - thanks for the support guys.

Hi guys To all the lovely people who have provided me with so much help and advice I wanted to update you all about the lump I mentioned on here a few weeks ago. I finally saw the breast specialist and I am having an ultrasound and biopsy today/tomorrow. I hope it’s good news. He was worried about the family history and how long I have had it… Couldn’t believe I left it so long. I told him that MS has taken over my life but he reminded me that MS is a chronic life long condition- other things can still happen to us. I’m only young. I presume I’ll be fine. I hope I’m not more likely to develop an infection after the biopsy from all the steroids. My face is so puffy and I look awful!!! I’m very vain I know but I take pride in how I look and I try to avoid people knowing I’m sick… Starting interferon soon and nervous about that too :((( Love Hugs And thanks again… Lilly xxx

Aw, Lilly, at least you’re getting things sorted out now… the very best of luck with your tests, I hope everything if fine (that would certainly remove one stress!)

Take care

Sonia x

Awww Lilly. I have been thinking about you and wondered whether you had had the lump investigated yet.

I am so pleased it is being looked at now. I really hope that you get good news when you get the results. Like Sonia says, one less thing to worry about then eh?

Let us know how it goes.

Be thinking of you.


Shazzie xx

Fingers crossed for your test results Lilly. Whatever happens it’s best to deal with it rather than burying your head in the sand, eh? I’ll be thinking of you …

You can also get lots of support on here about starting DMDs - I don’t inject any more but did for 4 years and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Still, one thing at a time …

Tracey xx

Hi Lilly Well Done for getting it sorted. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope to hear good news Take care of yourself Jane xxxxx

Hi Lilly (lovely name!), I am sorry to hear about the lump, but fingers crossed it turns out to be nothing serious.

luv Pollx

Hi Lilly, Glad the lump is being investigated. Sending you hugs. Hope you get your results soon. Take care Barney

Hope all goes well. Thinking of you. xx