Please help: series of symptoms and worried

Hi all I have joined this post as I have seen my Uncle suffer with MS and now I am terrified that I have it too. I thought I could list my symptoms and perhaps you may be able to help me. Firstly, I should say that when in Australia last year I had an MRI of the brain (not spine) and was told it was normal. -headache/sore cheekbones/general feeling of head cold -occasional prickly pins and needles in calves, feet and hands -need to wee a lot - tightness around my chest on and off -strong but random and occasional twitches in calves and thighs This all happens together and I’ve tried to comfort myself that they wouldn’t all be happening together, is that right? Also, I have had the chest tightness for around 6 months but the rest have only come on in the last 2 weeks, which I am hoping is only Caused by the anxiety of MS. I have never been a hypochondriac but now I can tell I am deeply anxious about having MS. I wake up and look to see what symptoms I have. When I was last at the doctors a few weeks ago I only told him about the chest tightness and knee twitching because that’s all I had at that point; 1 specific twitch in my right knee which had gone on for about two weeks. I should be frank and say that my symtpoms seem to have ‘come on’ more since I worried about that 1 twitch in my knee. But despite anxiety they do feel like real symptoms and it’s confining me to google and bed. I am taking Diazepam, 5mg a day, because my doctor brushes EVERYTHING off as anxiety. Please help! Thank you

Hi Nicola,

I can’t really advise you whether you have ms or not, but the one thing I will say is that you need to go back to GP and tell all your new symptoms.

Try to keep a diary of the symptoms so you can show accurately when they started.

I had a dreadful experience with my GP. was told that my numbness was down to the weather and to see an optician because I had suddenly gone blind in my right eye. I had been several times over about 5 years complaining that i couldn’t walk properly or feel my legs properly but always got the brush off because like you had suffered anxiety for a number of years. I never had the courage to push further and just let it go on. Thankfully Specsavers took me seriously and spent about two hours examining me and sent me to A&E.

If your GP doesnt take you seriously ask for a second opinion this is your right.

If you still don’t get any joy with that and your symtoms are really worrying you then you have to go to A&E.

This your health. you aren’t wasting anyones time this is what the medical professions are there for.

I really hope you get somewhere with this, I personnally know that anxiety can do funny things to us but there is help out there sometimes its more of a fight to get it than it should be.

Stay strong and let us know how you get on, Hope I’ve helped


Thanks Becky. It’s the waiting that terrifies and cripples me, and the fear of a diagnosis. If I just had a few days of no symptoms I bet I’d feel on top of the world. I am going to go back to the doctors today. I need even just the reassurance that I am getting looked at!

I hope your doctor referred you to a neurologist. Have you spoken to him about the family connection? You’re not being paranoid, you are more likely to get the disease if you have a close relative with it. But your symptoms could be down to anxiety, so try not to worry too much, just make sure you get to see a neurologist and have an MRI. Hopefully, you will find it’s clear and your symptoms will go away.

Hi nicola, I think your gp should be referring you to a neurologist.

I`m waiting for your next post, to see what the gp said.

luv Pollx

.hi nicola,

i’m sorry that you’re dealing with all your symptoms, i agree with the others, you should try to be as detailed as possible with your gp, explain about your family connection to MS, ask to be referred to a neurologist and, if necessary, ask for a second opinion. i do think that your symptom sound like they could be MS, but theres no way anyone can know without the usual medical tests. i’m sorry that i can’t offer any different advice, but this post should push yours up the list so someone more useful might offer greater insight. good luck, i hope you get the help you need very soon.

wendy x

meanwhile nicola take a vit B complex and a vit D supplement cos they cant hurt and they are both good for ms

if you need to wee a lot and are getting up several times a night you should contact your local bladder and bowel clinic, there are a choice of things to help (i have a patch). you can self refer because they advertise on national tv.

good luck and hope to see your name changed to nicolarelieved

carole x

I couldn’t control myself anymore sick with worry to went round to my local A&E. I didn’t exaggerate any of my symptoms or leave anything out and the doc did a series of reflex and strength tests as well as looking at my eyes. My bloods are all normal. He said that he didn’t find anything clinically wrong but when I mentioned how worried I was about MS he said he would put me in for a brain MRI to be done tomorrow; to ‘dot the is and cross the ts.’ I asked why a spinal one wouldn’t be done and he said my symptoms didn’t indicate a need for that. I feel like its a shame that I had to go to A&E to be listened to and given a more thorough examination though not entirely convinced a spinal MRI isnt needed to rule MS out if my brain one is clear again. However, what do I know compared to a doctor?? Any thoughts? Thanks everyone x

Hi, They usually do a brain MRI as that’s where they look for scaring. I had one, they found changes, a week later a lumbar puncture confirmed. I think it’s a good start point to find out what is going on for you. My initial experience of gp’s was rubbish, they said I was neurotic, put me on anti-depressants! Having studied neurology as part of my degree I knew something was wrong but wasn’t being listened to. It was an optician who started my diagnosis journey. I hope you get on ok, keep us posted. Sara x

Thanks or your reply Sara… In truth I think I can say that today my only symptom is the calf twitching and pain and not the headache anymore. If the brain MRI is clear, should I push for a spine one as well or should I shut up and get on with life???

Hi nicola, not sure if what I can tell you will help, but to cut a long story short, my husband has MS and has had for 12 years, and at present is in a relapse, for years now I have suffered so many symptoms like my husband and also like yourself twitching, pain in chest. I was diagnosed with fybromialgia which is made worse by getting stressed, so when my husband’s condition worsens so does mine. I appreciate your worries, but the chances of having the illness are 1 in 100, with a clear MRI maybe you should ask for the lumber puncture just to put your mind at rest.

hope you find out soon

Wendy x

Hi again Nicola,

I’m pleased you went to A&E, wait and see what MRI says and I know it sounds stupid but try not to worry in mean time.

Freaking yourself out definately won’t help.

Again I will say, try hard to keep a diary of any symptoms its important to keep an accurate record of them.

After the scan do something nice for yourself, doesn’t have to be huge just something small. I always think that a little treat goes a long way.

Good Luck with MRI

Sending lots of love and hugs, keep us posted,


The dr from A&E has now phoned me this morning to say that he isn’t giving me a brain scan anymore but instead has referred me to a ‘specialist’ on Friday who will give me a more thorough examination and then decide if I need a scan. I suppose that’s a good thing but I hate the fact it’s not going to be today, I was hoping and praying for good news today! In other news, the twitching seems to have stopped as have the tingles. It’s just my eyes and head that hurts now. I’m still going to go on Friday, I want thoroughly investigated otherwise I’ll just worry again. Thanks everyone. It’s nice to have somewhere to report back to because I’m too embarrassed to talk to friends or parents about this!

hi again,

glad that you’re getting somewhere in finding out what’s going on, please keep us posted. just a small note about vitamin D, take care to read up about possible overdosing so you know what symptoms you’re looking out for. i didn’t realise that it was possible until i developed stomach problems/nausea. i hope you’re feeling better soon.

wendy x

Hi Nicola, I’m glad you are seeing a specialist soon, take care and let us know how you get on. Sara x

Hi Nicola

I wanted to try and allay your fears and reduce your anxiety. I was much the same many years ago when the prospect of a diagnosis of MS was before me (I mean I was incredibly anxious). When it actually happened, and in hindsight (always perfect, I know), it actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. A neurologist told me ‘most people manage well’ and that helped enormously, I repeated it like a mantra. I’m pleased to say that like many on these boards I’ve brought up a family and am now working full time at an age when I am seriously thinking about retirement, ie in my late fifties. I may be one of the fortunate ones in that I had very few symptoms for decades, and still walk tho’ not very well.

Try not to be too anxious, I’m sure you’ll manage whatever the diagnosis.

Best wishes

B x