PIPs, Hope, Frustration, Result!!!!

I will always remember this day!

As well as being the 70th anniversay of the D Day landings and everything our forefathers sacrificed and did for us!

But also that after months of agonising before I made the call (am I doing the right thing?!), 133 days of waiting, filling in a very complicated and protracted form (42 pages), having to attend a very tiring assesment in Cardiff 13 miles away (with a very nice Capita Health Professional),numerous phone conversations with the DWP (weekly of late), I had a phone conversation with the DWP today and was informed my claim for PIPs has been:-… GRANTED!!!

I have been granted Standard Care allowance and Enhanced Mobility from 2nd of July (I was already in receipt of lower rate mobility (DLA)) for 5 years!

This was not the exact result I was going for but I believe it would be churlish of me (maybe even fool-hardy) to go for a Mandatory Reconsideration!!
I don’t think it will sink in properly until I have the official paper in my hand and I cirtainly won’t be ordering my Mobility Scooter until the money is in the bank!
But in the mean time I can sit and dream and be pleased that I have got my result!!

Take Care all and thank you for your support and advice through this long and worrisome process!


Really don’t understand why this didn’t post!

Really thought this was lost for ever!

Better late than never I guess!

Take Great Care All!


well done steve

i’ll be one of the last batch to move to PIP.

not something to look forward to!

carole x

Been there Steve, so now how happy and relieved you must be feeling.

Pleased for you

Noreen xx