P.I.P. action campaign

Hi everyone - after my incredibly unpleasant long awaited P.I.P. assessment last week, I am on a mission.

Firstly wrote to my M.P. (Sir Peter Bottomley) had an immediate response, and his P.A. has been in touch several times and has fordwarded all of my details to the minister in charge of D.W.P.

So now am going to lobby local councillors, local and national newspapers etc.

What I would like to hear from you guys, how many have an easy run in the process, and how many have struggled to get what they are entitled to.

So please let me have your account of both good and bad (can’t see there being many good ones)

I don’t need S.S. help one hour a day, or five hours a week (all to be paid for by me by the way) I need ten minutes a few times a week to help me llift the wheelie bins lids to dispose of rubbish, also help with putting a clean fitted sheet on my mattress, sometimes need to chage it several times a week.

All contributions welcome, or suggestions as where else to take this.

Thanks - Mary


sorry don’t understand ‘bump’

It means pushing you back up to the top of the page so that your comment is seen.

Sorry no experience of PIP yet but dreading the day it comes.


Hi Mary.

No need to dread the PIP letter!
I have just gone through it and was successful in my claim!
I went from minimum mobility rate DLA to Standard rate care and Higher rate Mobility PIP due to a change in my condition.
Yes I was very worried by the whole process.
Change is never easy but it was all worth it in the end!

Take Care!


I had to fight for mine due to no medical evidence not diagnosed yet due to a unhelpful gp so I only got standard rates on both and didn’t want to fight it further with nothing to back it up but I may do a late appeal for high mobility as I’ve not been able to leave house except for hospital or gp appointments.

its good some people got it quite easy but some of us had to fight for it.

the assessment went well the nurse gave a good report but the final decision is down to dwp.