Hi all. I’ve applied for PIP and just received my medical report from my assessment. The nurse has indicated that I’ll need help in 2 areas abs that equates to 4 points. I know the min required is 8. Do you think the DWP are likely to give me more points on a MR (assuming they’re follow the nurses recommendation of 4 points).

It very much depends on how inaccurate the report is. What you need to do is go through the report with a fine toothcomb and point out where you consider you should be scoring points. What ever you do, do not run down the assessor or call him/her a liar. Bullet point everything that you think is relevant if you have to make a MR. You can not make a MR until you have the result from the decision maker though. Having the assessment report now gives you a head start so to speak.

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If you use to compare the points you’ve been awarded against what you feel you should have been given. If the evidence you supplied doesn’t match up with the points you should have received, try to get some more evidence to send with your reconsideration request.


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Are you talking about your MS nurse ANON?

THE point is i have seen mine ONCE. she does not see me at home. Neither does my GP not really they only really see us if we need to go to surgery.

I think you have been giving sound advice and good luck. xxxx

I think anon means the assessor was a nurse that gave her 4 points on her PIP assessment.

Hi, yes I mean the DWP assessor nurse. I see my MS nurse about once every 3 months and she’ll really nice. My doctors only know what the hospital updates them on so maybe I will try and get a letter from my neurologist. Still awaiting the anticipated rejection letter from DWP before MR. I also have the local money advice centre helping me so I think they will guide me on what evidence I need to get to further support my claim. Thanks everyone.

right you see i can never understand how anyone who sees someone for what 30 minutes can assess their wellbeing, their mobility and their needs.

it depends on how we are at the time. Your MS nurse can help with a letter for you hun if you need one.

good luck. its just like the blog i wrote, we shouldnt have to go through stress. xxx

As Crazy Chick has suggested a letter from your MS nurse is the way to go. I know the PIP people contacted my MS nurse for info and she suggested a home visit was more suitable for me. I enclosed all the neurologists letters and also the ones from the MS Nurse which I received after each appointment. Make sure you enclose copies and not the originals.

The pip assessment is carried out over the phone