does anyone know or does anyone claim pip but without a diagnoses?

many thanks


You could only try but i would think it would be easier with some evidence from docs and consultants in the form of letters etc.

Good luck . Katy

Hi I got my DLA without a DX. Always send in neuros reports. Pip looming for me too!


thanks for your replies. i have put in a claim and have my atos health interview at the end of march

tammie x

PIP should be based on your ability (or inability) to do certain tasks and not your named condition. Admittedly with a DX there is a certain shorthand but MS varies so much from person to person that it is no guarantee of success. One person with MS might be unable to walk 20m while another could do 200 so don’t worry too much about a lack of dx. It will come down to how well you filled the form in and respond to the questions on the day. Good luck