Should/could i claim DLA/PIP?

Been dx with RRMS and suffer terriably with pain and spaciisity on a daily basis, don’t use chair yet, have young children. Should/could i claim dla/pip? Is filling in the form based on your worst days exegarating or honest…really not sure, would they just laugh me out the room. Feel like a fraudster as i can walk a bit, somedays more than others etc… if that makes sense? Thanks.

Hiya, I have just put a claim in for dla. The cut off was 10th june in my area and is now pip. I was told by the cab to put everything as my worst day as tomorrow it could be due to the unpredictable nature of ms. They have written to say they have rqstd a report from my nurse. She is coming out to see my claim form copy to do her report. Go for it. You deserve and have a right to claim. Good luck xx

DLA is gone now, anyway, for new claims, so it would have to be PIP.

Age concern have produced a guide. It’s not the only guide, and you doesn’t apply only to the elderly. I just thought it was useful, because it gives practical examples of who might and might not qualify.

I think the “worst day” advice is outdated and potentially an incitement to fraud. You will be assessed according to how you are the majority of the time. If something only happens once a week or once a month, on average, you can’t represent that that is how you are normally.

The Age UK leaflet gives an example of a claimant (“Rachel”) who has about one day in four when she does not get up and dressed. The example says she won’t get PIP. The exact reasoning isn’t given, but it’s clear that on a good day, she can manage most things, as long as she paces herself, and doesn’t overdo it. Because the days she doesn’t get dressed at all are a minority, compared with her better days, that seems to be the reason she wouldn’t get it. So obviously, the “worst day” advice has been assumed not to apply, in her case, because she’s not like it a majority of the time. I assume if it was the other way round, and she had three days she didn’t get dressed or go out, for every one she was OK, she would be able to use the three worst days as her “typical” - but NOT where they’re in the minority.

Anyway, the whole leaflet is here (if it will let me post the link):

It also has examples of claimants it says would qualify, so you can compare and contrast.

You can also see exactly what they score you on, so you can work out whether or not you might stand a chance. For me it’s quite clear I wouldn’t, so it’s not even worth the time and hassle of filling the damn thing in.

I suspect, by the time I’m in with a chance, I won’t be in a fit state to pursue it anyway, and I don’t have a carer or family member to act on my behalf, so I suppose I still won’t get it.

Sorry to sound so negative, but that’s the way I see it - zero chance, until I’m too ill to apply anyway.


Thanks for that Tina, bit blooming depressing that factsheet isn’t it. Especially the bit about getting a £10 christmas bonus, i mean my god…if thats not an incentive to commit fraud what is!

Think i shouls speak to the CAB or similar see what the consensus is, mind you worst hey can do is say no so might try anyhow. Thanks to you both for taking the tiome to reply.

Thanks for this link. This has encouraged me to apply for pip. Not sure about the mobility section but will give it a go

Of course you should apply, what is the worst thing that can happen? I also wouldn’t put down my worst day because I don’t feel that that represents how I really am, although others may not agree with me about worst day advice. Cheryl:-)

The best advice I can give is to send ALL your paperwork with the application - All your diagnostic letters from the neurologist; anything from your MS nurse/GP; a list of all your medications; a list of all the tests you’ve had done and the results etc etc. My DLA claim was processed and agreed in 4 days. I got the lowest award as I do not have mobility issues as yet. All my symptons are in my hands which makes doing alomost anything, except typing using spellcheck, really difficult. Good luck Ceinwen

Hi, yes I think you should apply for PIP.

Fill the form in honestly and if it asks about variability, then say it varies.

Good luck with the application…take your time filling it in…if it`s owt like DLA, it will take some doing hun!

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Hello, I have MS for 3years, but I feel that I hardly can walk every day. I have numbess in my legs constantly. I applied for DLA and received negative desition. Should I make a claim? :frowning: