well tomorrow I have my PIP assessment at home !!

Aw Jules, I hope it goes well. Remember the points they are looking at:

Keep in mind: reliably, safely, repeatedly. So if you can say shower without assistance, but need a shower chair, stool, back scrubbing brush, any other aid or appliance, say so. And if you only shower every three days because it utterly wears you out, say that.

If you could walk the length of two double decker buses (about 20 metres) but then need a good long rest, or suffer with terrible pain, tell them that. If you could walk the length of 5 buses but then risk falling because your legs won’t hold you up, then say that too.

If you can dress, but only wear T-shirt’s, jumpers and fleeces because you can’t do up buttons, tell them. Don’t just say ‘yes I can dress myself’. Or if you only wear slip on shoes or Velcro fastened shoes because you can’t tie laces, say so.

Think about each of the activities beforehand and consider how you manage to do them. And of course, what has changed since you were able bodied.

Oh and don’t, whatever you do, rush to answer the front door when they arrive. Take your time. Make sure if you have someone with you, they answer the door and offer the assessors a drink (if you’re feeling generous), if you’re alone, don’t give them a drink of water even. You can even say that you can’t because you can’t manage the kettle, the milk, the carrying, just picking up the sugar, holding a glass under the tap. Whatever applies.

If you find that you’re having a good day, make sure you tell them that this is a rarity (assuming it is) and how many days a week/month are bad and why. Don’t over exaggerate, but make sure you explain what life is like.

If you do have someone with you (and you should if possible), tell them they are not there to answer for you. They can remind you if you forget something negative (ie in your favour with regard to the PIP claim), but shouldn’t correct you if you’re telling the assessors how it really is.

Don’t stress over it too much. Tell the assessors that you’re nervous.

Good luck.


Thanks so much Sue. Tbh honest I had a shower 3 weeks ago while in respite ( but I do wash daily)I rarely go downstairs and just struggle with everything at the moment getting dressed or undressed feels like a marathon daughter will be at home with me so hopefully I will be ok x

Well finally heard back from PIP. They are keeping my award the same it has taken from my original asking them to look again in December 2018 as I Have progressed I have read the report and states I had a relapse the letter from consultant says I have a progression and even though the face to face interviewer asked about if I could dress myself ( I no longer can without assistance ) it is not mentioned in the points. Should I ask for a reconsideration or just leave it oh and this time the award is for 5 years not 3 Any comments welcome as I feel a bit confused at what to do

Hi Jules

What was your original (and remaining!) award?

Have you done the self assessment on Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice ?

Or on ?

Equally, looked at your points allocation on

If you have done it honestly and compared your award with what you think you should have got, then yes, definitely apply for mandatory reconsideration. And appeal if necessary.

Before you go for MR, look at the evidence you supplied with your claim. If there are points you should have been awarded but the evidence didn’t exactly support it, then think about where you could get further evidence from, and ask for that now as the clock starts ticking the minute you ask for MR.

If however you think any of the points you’ve missed are in truth a bit of a stretch, or that you know you have no chance of proving in writing, then consider not asking for MR now. Instead concentrate on getting that evidence now, then ask for another reassessment when you have that evidence. Obviously you’d have missed out on the increased award between December and when you get a new reassessment, with more evidence you could be successful though.


So sorry only just seen your reply yes I was honest and I had a social worker visit the same day and she has recommended I move into assisted accommodation with carers 4x a day as too young for a care home My previous award was middle rate care and enhanced mobility I have asked for MR and it’s another 12 week wait so I’m total the whole process from beginning to end will be 11 months There are a few things that I disagreed with The pip report one being it kept using the word relapse and the consultant letter said I had a significant progression and I gave the assessor the letter to copy and also I have assistance to bath and shower we showed her we do not have a bath and the shower is not accessible for me I will wait and see what happens next

I really dont understand how they assess people honestly. I know people who got enhanced in both, and i see them going about their business. One girl doesn’t even have help or care worker, but got enhanced care. I know she has issues and i wouldnt begrudge her but i do find it exasperating when i know people who are way worse and cant get it.

Is it a post code lottery or something i wonder.

If someone has recommend you go into assisted living with 4 lots of care everyday it makes no sense why you didnt get full enhanced care.

I rarely shower. my daughter comes over and helps me. i had a care worker but she made me feel awful about myself.

so now i wash everyday, and just have a shower when i feel up to it. My daughter will come over and help me with my hair and dry me. I must admit its so much easier since i move into sheltered accommodation (perhaps you could do that), and i have a great big wet room, i could easily take a wheelchair into there. I have a perching stool i sit on when having my shower and the beauty is i have no confinement or screens that i can fall into it, so feel so much safer.

Reading how limited you are and the recommendations i would have gone for mandatory reconsideration. ok you have to wait longer but you will get it back dated.

good luck hun, i mean its not as if we want to be like this is it. I would just love to sit in a warm bath and relax without fear of being stuck.

Its not that i want to be disabled and tired, and struggle to walk far, i would love nothing better then to grab some car keys, and go off for a ride, or take my dog out for a walk. Jeez give us a break.

good luck hun. xxxx

Thank you. I am just fed up as you said I don’t want to be like this and I have been diagnosed over 20 years I had in my head I would never need hep like this I was working up till 3 years ago and all of I sudden I knew had I had MS !! I hope you keep well and take care x

I’m sure you’ll win at appeal if not at MR stage. The stats show that many, many people are winning at both stages. It certainly sounds like you a) fulfil the criteria for Enhanced rates of both components, and b) the assessor made a number of errors. Once these are pointed out to the decision maker (and they finally get to reconsider your claim), they will alter the award.

It truly is unfair that MS takes away so much of our independence, and having to fight for the benefits award you deserve is even more unfair. It often makes people (me included) feel rather depressed when having to demonstrate to the DWP just how disabled I am, and how much help I need just to live. Assuming that is, I am to keep clean, get dressed (and undressed again), eat, empty my bowels and bladder. Not to mention ever leave the house.

Hopefully the MR will be decided soon and a positive decision will be made without having to go as far as the appeal stage.