Questions on applying for PIP


Secondary Progressive MS here and currently applying for PIP. Currently I live alone but I am in the process of moving back home to live with my parents.

I have done plenty of reading and research and have a good idea of how it works, but have some specific questions:

  1. Is there a section where I can explain how my MS affects me in general? I.e. neurological fatigue, the cumulative effects of fatigue over the day, etc. The “About your disease” section just asks about drugs I am taking. Or should I just effectively repeat all this in each section on the various components?

  2. Most of the tasks I can do in the sense “Yes I can do this if I had to do it once” but many of them I find them challenging. Because of this most of these tasks I avoid doing or minimise.

E.g. I can make myself food but I only every cook microwave meals or make a sandwich. I don’t take the rubbish out myself as the walk out of my flat and to the bins is a physically very demanding. Many of these things I avoid doing so that I can retain energy for other things.

Another example is bathing and washing. I can shower myself but it’s a herculean effort so in practice I currently have a shower about once a week (don’t judge me!). Does this count as not being able to shower?

What’s the best way to capture this? Do I literally score nil points if I can, say, microwave a ready meal and because I could take a shower if I had to take one right now?

  1. On mobility, I clearly cannot really walk very well. Yet I can walk more than 50 yards and less than 200 yards so that means I do not qualify?

Basically if I do the Beneftis & Work Questions I do not qualify for anything. Yet I am, by any reasonable estimation, quite significantly disabled. Essentially I can do the listed tasks but only if I dedicate my entire life and physical and mental resources to doing them.

Does that count? Or is it more a case of You can do these so your life might be difficult and largely miserable but well life sucks so deal with it.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.


Hi Matthew,

Sorry you have MS. Hope I can help.

My tip is to type your answers giving the same numbers and typing the question.
Put your name and NI number on each page.
This allows you to add more details as you remember them. Say it’s easier to type.

Give examples of your worst day.
I have microwave meals as I can’t stand for long enough to cook things on a hob. Use scissors to cut food as can’t hold a fork.

Showering - do you use any aids? Stool, long handled sponge

Walking is up to 20m for mobility.

Worth reading Citizens Advice site.

At the end, there is a section to explain things Question 13
Is there anything else you think we should know about your health condition?

Fingers crossed for you

I would strongly suggest you get help with PIP claiming if you don’t you’ll probably get nothing.

I did my own after months of research but there are local groups who can help on Facebook there’s a group called fightback4justice who can help.

The thing with pip “tests” in the questions is its NOT just once it’s reliably, safely & repeatedly ie can you walk 25m unaided yes/no

You might be OK to do it once but then you’re too tired or in too much pain so the answer would really be no you can’t.

I’m not home now so I’ll try & reply again later when I am

Hi. The PIP claim doesn’t take account of whether you struggle with tasks, whether you can only do them once or whether you avoid them for ease. It is measured (from my experience) on whether you can do the tasks at all. I also have spms and my struggles were almost irrelevant to the assessor. Dealing with the same issues as you and I was told that I didn’t qualify. After appealing they were willing to give me the lowest rate ‘until things get worse’. I think professional advice and help with the form would be your best bet.

I applied for a PIP in April. Subsequently had a telephone interview with a nurse who basically asked me the same questions on the form. I heard a week ago that I would be getting the standard amount + the extended mobility allowance though it hasn’t been confirmed in writing yet.

It sounds like we’re at a similar stage, mobility-wise, so I could help. I live with my wife & kids and so am not alone. That didn’t matter. Like you, I can keep myself clean and feed myself, though both tasks are compromised. Have a look at the EDSS scale (e.g. for the way professionals “score” MS. I think that if you’re at 6.0 (walking short distances, needing a stick etc.) you should qualify. Helpfully, my consultant scored me at a 6.0 and wrote it up.

I scanned and enclosed all sorts of medical reports from Consultants to GP’s and to other consultants. They use the right terminology and it probably carries more weight than what you write yourself.

Message me if you want ton know more.


just answered someone else similar thread.

PIP, stands for Personal Indpendance Payment. its not about your worse day its about your day to day.

Can you drive, plan a journey, how do you get out and about, do you have assistance etc etc.

I dont even have a cooker lol.

PROOF PROOF PROOF. You need professionals to support who YOU ARE. they will have seen you. Dr will have seen you walk into their office for example, speak etc, neurolgoists same have you had physio, orthotics, Care assessments, proof of what you are saying is important i think.

My neurolgoist and GP supported my claim, they had both seen me. I arrived in my wheelchair with my husband and care assistant.

Applyiing for pip is hard. there is a test you can take. PIP claim help, plus ESA, DLA & Universal Credit

Its changed since i applied lol. It just gives you an idea what they are looking for. I really thing we need a Q&A over this. @Ssssue is the whiz on this x