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i know there is a time limit for us to get the form back to them but come this Tuesday it will be 9 weeks since my face to face, I had a letter 28 Aug saying they had all the info and would be making there decision and no need to contact them, well I did today and I got no where really she just told me what I already knew and she would message them, is this usual for such a delay

I had my notification of my award 2 weeks after my face to face assessment. Does seem a rather long time for a decision Db. Don’t know what to suggest really except for keep pestering them. Have you asked for a copy of your report? That might push them.

I’m going to phone again tomorrow and start and make a bit of a pest of myself, the woman I spoke to seemed surprised how long it had been, she kne exactly when the report went to the decision maker.

Definitely the way to go! Ask for a copy of the report to be sent to you, they have to send it if requested. At least you will have some idea of what you may be awarded. Pester them to death!

the government meddled with DLA and they don’t have the staff to deal with the fall-out! as tracey says, ask for a copy of the report.

Check your bank account, that’s how I found out.

Hope you get the result you want.

well ! the saga continues, phoned a very nice lady today who totally agreed with me that the time limit was unacceptable and could i hold the line while she did a bit of fishing around, 5 or 10 minutes later she was back she had found my claim in the decision makers office in the IN tray waiting to be processed immently. she went on to say that there was a lot of evidence that i had submitted to go through but there was no problem with the claim and she would put me through to a manager to put my mind at rest. I asked her before you transfer me can i have a copy of the report from my face to face, so she is sorting that then i got through to a manager who told me how far behind they are and mine was waiting to be done again he reiterated how much evidence there was but he was going to get it marked as urgent tp get it processed for me. so watch this space folks


Bloody Hell Db, their keeping you waiting, where do you live the moon!!!

Yes I think they think I’m a moonmin , or a time traveller, but I took your advice and insisted on a copy of the report, which will now most probably arrive after I receive my decision, Lord help me if I have to go down the mandatory reconsideration, it will probably take 12 years to get it settled, lol


Keeping everything crossed Pete, let us know what goes on, barstewards.

His lasted words to me " you will probably hear in the next few days". Hmmm I wonder why that is…

Well today I finally got my notification after nearly 12 weeks and we found out this morning by checking our online banking first and sitting there gob smacked, then the brown envelope droped through the door, enhanced on both living and mobility and quite a sum of back pay. It’s like a massive weight has been lifted off our shoulders and we can stop worrying about it now


Yay!!! Nice 1 Db!

BRILLIANT NEWS!! Best wishes Fay

Just had my face to face assesment , the lady was lovely it took about 45 minutes and she just asked me to do a couple of things with my arms and legs.

She was scathing of the system the way it worked and everything to do with it and was on the verge of leaving . She gave me her mobile number and said if i had any problems or i needed to appeal anything she would back up the case for me .

I had told her i was panicking before her arrival she did laugh and she did tell meshe had heard some horror stories.

Regards Iain

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Oh congratulations.!!! Rest and relax xx Oh how long is your award for ?

Im not sure Tilly , she said it should be for as long as was possible , whatever that means but that the powers that be would decide on that .

How long is a normal award for ? Will this be told to you when you get your letter ? She did say the awards were quite quick and woild be within 5 weeks ( I live in Cumbra ) Do they go off what the nurse writes down ?

Regards Iain

What you have to remember is that the assessor isn’t the ‘decision maker’. What the assessor does is submit a report to the decision makers and they then make their decision and notify you in writing of their actual award. They will specify what the award is for Care and Mobility and at what rates. They will also tell you the length of the award. 3 years is normal, 10 years is the maximum.

However, if they make a decision that you think is incorrect, you have the right to request a ‘reconsideration’. You have to do this before going straight for an appeal against a decision.

Whatever your assessor told you, I doubt very much that she would be allowed to give evidence on your behalf, even if she leaves. Or rather, she can write a letter backing up your reassessment but it is unlikely to be taken into account (given that they already have her report).

I’m not saying this to upset the apple cart Iain, but it’s as well to be clear about the process. Just in case. Hopefully her report will be a good one (ie good in terms of saying the right things about your care and mobility needs) and that you get a decent award for as long as possible.


Wo wo Drummer Boy,

That’s how I found out - checking my bank account.

Enhanced for both is great. Think getting a copy of the report is essential. Something to help you fill in the next one!! But don’t think about that now!!

Have a ittle glass of something to celebrate.


The award is for 3 years and I’ll be having a glass or two of craft ale on Saturday night, don’t partake on a school night, just habit,