DLA Timescales

I applied for DLA at the start of January. They wrote to my GP on the 17th January and after many phonecalls and complaints my doctor has finally filled it in today and got it in the post.

So does anyone know from this point on (doctor sending report back) how long it takes to get a decision?

I know my doctor was taking so long they gave up and wrote to my neuro. I was praying my doctors letter would get there first as my neuro has seen me in total for approx40 mins and knows nothing about how I cope at home.

Thanks, Lindsay x

how long is a peice of string comes to mind with this sort of thing.

one thing is if you are awarded dla you will get it back dated to when you applied.

good luck

It took me from January to September (that includes 1 appeal against their decision on Care element), They did eventually backdate the award so I got a lump sum in September which helped us to have a few days holiday before the weather ran out.

No one knows how the system works - including those who work in it!!!

Good luck, Ann

babylove give DLA a ring and ask them what has happened to your claim.

I know if you ask them to look at an already awarded claim again as your condition has worsened it takes upto 11 weeks to reasses your claim.

I know others new claims often take around 8 weeks to complete,however as your doctor took there time to fill in the form this has proberly delayed your claim.If awarded the claim you will be backdated any money owing to you.

My advice is ring them Tuesday morning and ask whats happeing.


Thanks everyone.

Do you think this will be the quickest part, once they get my docs letter? One way or another?

babylove once they get the doctors letter they will then deal with your claim.However they may want you to see there own doctor before an award is made.