Another day DLA

Another day another letter from Dla hi am new here and applied for dla 8weeks ago got a letter from them about 4 weeks ago saying sorry it’s taking longer than usal because there contacting my counsultant for a report now today got a letter saying its taking longer than usal because there contacting my gp now for a report why they doing this? Anyone else had the same letters thanks x

Yes Jim,

They have got to ask for a professional opinion. Don’t worry if you get it its backdated to the time you asked for the forms.

It begger’s belief though; surely it would have been better to ask them both at the same time? The next one you will get is saying they are sending a doctor around your house (only joking I hope).


Yes, that’s right - they will confirm your diagnosis and status with a professional treating you. Mine was taking a while so I sent them a copy of my latest consultant’s report (after each consultation he copies me in on the letter he writes to my GP) - DWP took this into account too. So if you have any recent letters, might speed things up to send them as well.

Hi, yep it`s normal for the DWP to ask your neuro, doc, second cousin and the man down the road about you!

You`ll get your award backdated.

Hope it doesn`t take much longer. Mine took 14 weeks back in 2000.

luv Pollx

i no how you feel, i applyed 12 weeks ago and still getting the letters saying it is taking longer than expected, i phoned them up and asked who they had sent then to and they put me through to the department that sends out the letters. Turnes out the nero they sent the letter to i had never seen and not sent one to my gp or ms consultant. so i made them fax my gp there and then while i was on the phone to them ( my wife was on the phone to the gpat the same time to make sure they got it). i would ring them and make sure the letters have gone to the correct people.

Hope this helps

I applied end of March… got the same letters… got my long awaited refusal 3 weeks ago… and nnow waiting for my reconsideration… however i have been able to get a much ore supportive and accurate medical report sent in now which will hopefully sway things in the right direction!

Way I see it is the longer they make me wait the better the car and the better adaptations i can get with my backpay to get some independence back!! :smiley: lol - cause i WILL fight them till I get it!

Hi When I applied it took 4 weeks, they only awarded or 12 months, am I better then. I appealed it took 2 weeks and they upheld. Have appealed again -4 days ago Mike

hi jim

my application took about 8 weeks from start to finish but they did write to my ms nurse for more info but got letter 2 weeks ago awarding me higher rate mobility indefinately…no care allowance though…but don’t feel i need that part just now…so was relatively trouble free