PIP success!

Enhanced both parts, just have to wait for the letter to tell me how long for. Informed via email forwarded by MP which included apology from the DWP for all the hassle being declared dead caused me! Plus they are sending £100 recognise that, if you don’t know what I mean look at my previous post, it’s a long story. So pretty good day.

Alison x


well done alison.

well done to your MP too.

carole x

He’s not too bad! He was a bit surprised at the anti HS2 feeling here,despite the fact they want to knock down half the village!

Oh well done for proving you’re alive. £100 to reward you for not being dead. Well that’s something I suppose. Plus the whole still being alive thing. That’s a bonus too.

This place is filling up with people who are resurrected!


Still got to wait for the official letter,hopefully they have sorted out their problem!

Well done. It is nice to hear of another success story for a change.

Sounds positive. Nice one


So glad to hear that. Good. Further to my previous message a month or two ago. I have been awarded Pip too. The low rate. I was annoyed that my physio didn’t question me at all before submitting his report. Taken me weeks to get a copy from him. He said I had no communication skill problems. No cog problems. Manage my own health issues. How does he know??? This is why I got the low rate. I am going to write to them to put the record straight. Really really annoyed that so called professionals believe they can answer yr questions for you. How dare they… Anne

I wish you luck! I’m sure my physio wasn’t asked to for a report,would have been long out of date, let us know how you get on.

Alison x