PIP & retirement

When I reach retirement age and qualify for state pension do I keep entitlement to PIP. All advice welcome.

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According to Citizen’s Advice, yes you do.

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Thanks for that Moirah.

Can’t believe I had that very question in mind to post when I visited today! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m 64 this year and on enhanced rate PIP. I tried looking it up on the government website and found it to be ambiguous, but then I do have a happy knack of reading things the wrong way round sometimes :grin:
Thank you for asking @BarbieSue and thanks for the answer @Moirah Result!
Elaine x :grinning:

If you are on PIP when you reach state pension age you can stay on it. But should you lose entitlement to it beforehand, when you’ve reached pension age you can’t then re-apply for it, that’s my understanding of it anyway.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I was lucky? enough to be awarded PIP for 10 years, which should carry me over retirement age, thankfully.
Elaine x

My PIP payments continued after I retired, check what date was put on your original award. Mine was 2027!

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