PIP part 2

Hi folks, hope everyone is ok.

Just received a phone call from a very pleasant lady at PIP, apparently it’s all been a mistake and if I am happy with my award that’s the end of it.

Call me paranoid but I’m not convinced thats the end of it. Watch this space…!!!

Mags xx


What good news Mags!

I think it does sound like the end of it. Someone obviously got it wrong… and the error has been spotted.

What a relief!!!

Enjoy your day. Lovely and sunny in London!

Pat xx

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Well done Mags, hopefully that will be the end, fingers crossed.

Rain on and off in Gloucestershire today, nice in between though.

Pam x

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Ooo I so like good news

Jan x

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I do hope that’s the end of it for you Mags!

Good news if it is!

Nina x


I’m pleased to hear it’s all sorted out for you.

Cath x

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