PIP humiliation

Rant alert!

Awarded PIP in 2014 and just been subjected to my second review (15 months after 1st review). I’m PPMS, and so I’ve been told, there is no cure and no treatment! What a shocker! But obviously DWP haven’t been told.

This current review started in March and 3 weeks ago I was told my award would stay the same (standard daily living, enhanced for mobility) so it’s taken 8 months for nothing to happen. Included in that process was the face to face interview. Reflecting back on this meeting I have realised what a terribly humiliating process it was.

Is it right that a man called ‘John’, no surname given, (even when asked) should come into my home and spend 1 hour and 40 minutes asking me intimate question about how I manage my bladder and bowel issues, how I struggle to even put my bra on or asking me to list all the difficulties I have getting washed and dressed? You will not be surprised at all that he dismissed all the evidence of my deteriorating condition, the fact I cannot cook meals, I cannot manage my own finances or that I’m so depressed that I have the ultimate escape planned.

I AM NOT GOING TO GET BETTER! It is not my fault I have been gifted MS. Why do we as disabled people have to face this level of humiliation, just to help us live a life in a non-disabled friendly world?

And of course I can be faced with yet another review at any time up until 2021, a prospect that fills me with horror.

Rant over, I’m glad I got that off my chest!

Love to you all my fellow benefit cheats, malingerers and burdens on the good taxpayers of this country! Xx

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I think just having MS is humilating anyway. i have gone from a bright women to one who cant remember what day it is.

the thing is why did you only get standard for care? are you doing this alone if so WHY?

I have had care from social services for a few years now and get a care plan each year.

have you not had a care plan? A care plan would probably have got you the enhanced rate. If they dont have written proof by a specialist it seems you can tell them anything and if they are gullible they believe it if not you have had it.

I got shocked when someone i know personally got full enhanced care and standard mobility. she said she couldn’t put her knickers on really, yet when i saw her she was wearing TIGHTS lol…How she got enhanced is beyond me. i know she has no care and seems to manage on her own and I would never have put her down for enhanced care. even standard mobility was a shocker as she attends her horse every few days. this person is not diagnosed with anything. but lives at her doctors with different things.

it just seems unfair to me, that some get it and some don’t. but you really have to get supporting evidence in writing by someone of how bad your MS is affecting your every day living.

If you have toilet needs, you cant cook unless its just with a microwave i dont get it.

they obviously feel you can still in some respects care for yourself.

i think the questions have to be asked i think perhaps when dealing with female they should try and get female assessors its not very nice being asked these questions.

why did you fail care? I would put in a mandatory consideration but make sure you can back it all up hun.

this is useful it shows you what they are looking for.

PLEASE NOTE, When you are assessing yourself, the law says that you only count as being able to do something if you can do it safely; to an acceptable standard; repeatedly and in a reasonable time period. Guidance also says that ‘pain, fatigue, breathlessness, nausea and motivation’ should all be taken into account.

You only need 12 points from what you wrote above i cant see why you would not have got 12 points.

If you dont have direct payments then contact your local social services adult team and get a care plan put in place.

Have you been sent a copy of the hcp(john’s)report? If not you can ask for that and unless they have changed that (very) recently that will have his full name.Are you saying he refused to tell you his name??My work is not similar at all but i have to sometimes go into peoples houses and have to carry an ID card with photo,full name and company details,I know its too late now but i would not have let him in without this,absolutely sure he should have had some kind of ID card!There can be no justification to not reveal who he is,i don’t know who too but think acomplaint should be made about this alone! Go through the the desciptors and points which i assume is in the link in post above? consider on all tasks weather you can do them safely,reliably,repeatedly and in a timely fashion. If you should score more than 12 on both sections based on them then consider appealing.Obviously evidence from medical profesionals is useful but DONT over look statements from friends and family that may help you do things and have seen how how struggle and any help they give you.Get help from someone like citizans advice if you can. Good luck Ollie

OMG onmyown

That is absolutely APPALLING I am so cross for you. It’s absolutely disgraceful that this is allowed to go on.

Big hugs

Min xx

I had similar review back in march got awarded enhanced care could have done with enhanced mobility instead but I am burning myself in the kitchen quite a lot. No complaints about thr reviewer at all. I am in scotland ’

This is so wrong, none of us asked to have this awful MS. I’m sure we’d all give up our PIP in exchange for a cure and to have our ‘normal’ lives back.

You can request a female hcp which may make explaining the intimate stuff a little easier.

The assessments seem designed to be as humiliating and as difficult as possible, I think it can all depend on whether your particular hcp is a semi decent human being or not.

My last assessment was so traumatic that I ended up breaking down on the phone to the DWP…and this is our Governments idea of ‘support’

do put in a request for mandatory reconsideration and make sure you have help from CAB, welfare rights or one of the many support agencies. there is an online one who sound great but my wonky brain won’t let me remember the name. get a copy of the assessor’s report and go through it saying what you disagree with. somehow get evidence of why this is wrong. make a definite request for a female assessor. you are not a scrounger, you have an incurable illness. you have probably paid into the system all your working life. fight for what is yours. i’m furious on your behalf.