Pip confused

So I’ve recently had a phone assessment for pip, and they have decided that I dont qualify? Confused! I have rrms diagnosed last year. Honestly I dont even remember the phone call, some issues with processing new information so I am frickin terrified about appealing without some help. I would have had a friend come with for a face to face but what with all the social distance going on I was on my own for the call. This kind of thing is a massive source of anxiety for me because I know I’ll forget :frowning: where to start eh. Any advice on dealing with this would be fab.

It’s not what your condition is, it’s how your disability affects you in every day life. So you need to look at the descriptors and see how your answers correspond with what the assessor has stated on the form s/he filled in. If you haven’t asked for a copy of the assessment report ring up and ask for it and then appeal.

As you don’t remember the phone call are you sure it actually took place? I ask because some reports are pure figment of the imagination from the firm being paid to do the assessments.

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difficult isnt it. I think you have a case for referral about this. contact the MS Helpline and see if they can advise you. xxx

Hello Ellie

You should request a mandatory reconsideration of their decision, giving your reasons why they got the decision wrong. If that fails, then appeal.

But, in order to do both of these you need to either get some advise on what you should have qualified for (according to their points system) either from a welfare rights representative (citizens advice bureau?) or from a decent guide to the rules. You could consider joining They have excellent guides to PIP for members only. It costs about £20 to join, but honestly, it might be the best £20 you could spend. At the very least have a look at

The other thing you will need is written evidence of how your MS/other conditions affect you. So collect up any/all paperwork, letters from doctors, nurses, physios, anyone else who knows how you are affected physically or mentally.

If all else fails, submit another claim. But make sure you have covered all the areas that will give you the necessary points you feel your MS qualifies you for.

Best of luck.