Pip clarity

Ok so the recent announcement regarding pip reviews has me a bit confused.

I received the top rate of pip 4 months ago after a medical. So my question is will I have to have another medical assessment?

This seems a bit pointless to test people who are already on the high rate for both categories.

This may sound like a idiotic question but in my defence I’m daft coz I’m stupid lookin haha

Any clarification would be much appreciated guys.


No your award shouldn’t be affected.

It’s all about people with mental health conditions who claimed PIP for mobility. And the DWP will be reviewing those claims to see if more points should have been awarded, ie to pay out more money not less.

So if you were given the enhanced rate for mobility then it wouldn’t affect you (whether you were awarded it for either physical or mental heath grounds). And if you claimed on physical health grounds, then equally it shouldn’t affect you (regardless of the decision on your claim).

This means that you should be fine Paul.

Obviously, I have used the word ‘should’ throughout this post, because what the DWP ought to do and what they will actually do don’t necessarily bear much resemblance. But given that the issues this week seem very clear, and they have enough to do just reviewing the claims they have to review, giving themselves extra work would be ludicrous.