PIP application form- Ground hog day

Well, I have decided to have another go at applying for PIP. I did get DLA but when that came to an end I reapplied for PIP…

I won’t bore you all with the finer detail needless to say… it is ground hog day and here I go again.

Let me know if you need a hand - or a proof reader or anything in between? I applied for PIP and got it. Hth :+1:

Thanks for that, I appreciate the offer. I am just trying to get my head around how to approach filling in the form.

Switching between DLA and PIP was a nightmare, I was told that I didn’t need to provide medical evidence because what I had submitted previously would be considered, no wrong advice. Then during the assessment I was asked to bend, grab, stretch which I was told I could decline, no wrong.

This time I have or will have more evidence both old and new. Also, as I believe that it is more about impact than diagnosis I feel better placed to try again. Last time I described impact or so I thought but it was dismissed.

Bring it on :laughing:

Have a look at the Benefits and work website well worth joining, good advice on how to word your answers the way they want them. Don’t forget to keep a copy to refer to if they do a phone assessment. Good luck with it!

Hi Gordon, must definitely keep a copy. I thought I had from last time, can’t find it, who knows where it is. What I have decided to do is type up notes on each question (well the other half is).

I will look at those websites, all advice is welcomed :blush: I would do much prefer a phone call, my luck it will be face to face. Will cross that bridge as and when,

It really is worth joining B&W, for example they count if you need help occasionally pulling your trousers up after the loo, that is dressing, stuff like that, you might anwer that you don’t need help dressing! The wording is the important thing with all these forms. Some good forums too.

Interesting… yes I have been there. I am so stubborn, at times I struggle on when I should accept help.

In my last assessment I got upset over this very point… ‘I would rather struggle’ I said than have my husband looking at my crotch… as in helping me to pull up my pants…… just being honest.

I do have to change my mind set that’s for sure… I guess it is all part of accepting that I need help.

Just a word of warning about PIP re-assessments. My PIP was due to run out in March but due to covid and backlog it was extended to November. A month ago I got sent the forms through the post to re-apply so I rang to ask why when it had been extended to November and was told that because of the backlog they were sending the forms out early in the hope of having got round to reviewing them by the time the end date came round! So I filled them in and sent them back.

At the end of last week I got a phone call out of the blue, from the DWP wanting to go through my PIP application. They caught me on the hop and basically asked many of the same questions already answered on the form. My suspicious mind said they were trying to see if there were any discrepancies, ie catch me out.

As I’ve not had any appointments for the last 2.5 years and have only recently had an MRI but not yet Neuro follow up appointment, I don’t hold out much hope that they will just ‘take my word for it’ that things have deteriorated.

We shall see.