PIP again!

Happy Friday

How long has it taken people to hear about their PIP decision?

I had my text from the DWP on the 15th May saying thank you sending us your “how your disability affects you form” and once again I am here waiting.


Happy Friday to you to! I’ve sloped off work as I’m feeling rough I’m catching up on trash tv and wondering exactly when my DWP invitation for assessment will be sent! I got a text on 16th May saying they had received my ‘how your disability effects you’ form and nothing since. I just wish they would get on and reject me so I can start the appeal! It is very frustrating, I really want to stop working full time but can’t afford to without PIP.

torture is outlawed by the international court of human rights.

so how come our government think it’s alright to put us through this.

each time the stress levels notch up to another level.


have a good scream and vent a few choice words.

It sets out in the initial letter you got, the text precedes them phoning/writing to give you a date / time for assessment - could be few weeks and then follonwing that 2 weeks for assessor to write report and then 4 weeks for the decision…I’m also playing the waiting game

Me3 !! According to their text, I should hear by Wednesday.

Seems ages ago my wife got a form to see if any changes and she got a letter last week about the assessment.The Last one was a few days before a huge attack which eventually led us to a diagnosis of Ms and much worse disability. I have just looked at the letter to put the date in my diary and i noticed it was not Capita or Atos! This one is from independent Assessment services? a quick google reveals in very,very small print on their website “delivered by Atos” is this a rebranding due to their poor reputation and failing performances? Or are Atos subcontracting it or something? i hadn’t seem mention of this anywhere. See how good your eyes are to find the hidden Atos! Ollie

Edit: Just looked and we sent form in on 8th April

thanks for the replies, this really is starting to annoy me, mainly because I have a very low level of expectation and I am convinced that the detail me, my GP and my nuero will be seen as not sufficient and an appeal is going to be needed as with many other examples seen. I just want to crack on a get it resolved/sorted. Time is ticking, my once a year annual trama of getting to an airport and a hotel is a few months away and really would like this to be a little more advanced so I am able to try and enjoy my holiday. The wait will continue, I have re-read the letters and texts and this period has no time period assigned to it, it appears open ended, “we may need you to attend”, “we’ll contact you again if”. I have no doubt that they will be in touch, just have no idea when. What a pain on the backside this all is. Charlie

Well, what would you know, guess what I arrived home to find on the doorstep?

The letter starts with, “our health professional will arrive at your house between 9am and 11am on Friday 6th July”.

Looking at the small print and yes Ollie, it is to be carried out by “Independent Assessment Services” delivered by Atos.

Well, I have a date, I have the info, they have the info (i suspect the person who comes won’t have the knowledge!).

Lets see how this goes then, any advice?

Charlie (will try not to press the anon button this time!)

I just had my home assessment yesterday. I think it went well she says I should hear the decision in around 4 weeks. Make sure you mention everything and don’t rush your answers, take your time to make sure you include everything so start from now to your assesment writing stuff down any time you think it’s a new symptom such as dizzy ness n how many times it’s happened.

Have someone with you if possible. Make sure to tell them all aids you need, use on a daily basis. Make sure in answering you tell them how you may have altered the way you do jobs because of MS. Example: I don’t buy 4 litre cartins of milk, I could not lift it. I use a plastic jug to fill kettle, its too heavy to lift. We use smaller mugs, cuz less dashing to the loo. Falls? don’t down play it.

This is why I say have some one with - they spot/ know stuff you don’t realise or take for granted. As you can guess, I had my f2f - at home - recently. THINK carefully before answering each question and give as much detail as you can.

Had my letter last week for a home assessment from 9 to 11 on 4th July. Yesterday had another letter to say appointment rearranged to 9 to 11 on 4th July. Couldn’t see what had changed so hope I haven’t missed anything,

PIP assessment on Independence Day. Hope that’s a good omen!!!

one of my real concerns is that I believe that I am a clever, educated chap, fully qualified accountant with an MBA, and as soon as the person turns up and I ask what they do for living, what is their area of speciality, and it is as far removed from MS as possible, I will just start to get annoyed. My wife will be with me, she will have to tell me to be polite!


Charlie the PIP assessors are OTs, who deal with many disabilities. They are really just collating your NHS reports.

Did you send a recent NHS OT report?

Any NHS physio or Community Rehab Team reports?

Do you have a Care Plan?

If you supply these reports you won’t need a PIP face to face assessment, because they cover

the daily living and mobility points.

You can ask your GP or MS Nurse for these assessments anytime so they are ready to send with the form.

Falls assessments are good to send for the mobility question.

Good luck.

There have been lots of reports of assessors claiming they visited and no one was home so make sure you have proof that no one visited you between these times.

Either use ctv or set up your mobile phone in someway to video any potential non attendance.

Well, it’s the big day tomorrow, home face to face visit, I never really thought the day would come. Fingers crossed and lets hope they get the answers that they need. Will let you all know how I get on, the Mrs is all prepared too! See you on the other side hopefully (metaphorically speaking obviously) Charlie

Well that’s all over, what a relief. Just over an hour, and she didn’t even ask me to stand up.

Just a 2 - 4 week wait to hear.



Fingers crossed! I believe form reading posts on here you need to request a copy of the assessment to make sure it’s factually accurate.

I’m still waiting for a response from DWP, they received my ‘how disability effects you’ form in May and not a peep since.

Well done, you survived! Phone the number on your application early next week and get a copy of the report. It will give you an idea of the points you’ve been awarded. A copy is available as soon as the assessor presses the send button. Give them a few days to type it up. Fingers crossed. x

I had my results in 10 days. My assessor was brilliant i had to go and see him. He was really a nice bloke, and told me as soon as i arrived in my wheelchair i wouldnt be there long about 25 minutes, as they had all the stuff they needed including a very good report from my GP and neuro supporting my application.

Most of my visit was spent chatting. I got enhanced in both for 10 years.

I think its good to hear more positive stuff, as yes at the beginning it was pretty horrific for some people but now i think its got a lot better and i know more people who got it then didnt.

Mine took over 4 months.