Pins and needles coming in waves

Does anyone else get this. It starts at the top of my head and moves down my body repeatedly and it’s driving me mad.

This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing and posted about several times (twice yesterday). Its really intense. Mine starts on my head and only goes over my face though.

Its freakingly horrible!!!

Mandymoo x

Sorry Mandymoo I did read your post. I have jelly brain at the moment! That’s what it’s like for me but it goes all the down to my feet. Hope your feeling better soon Xx

Oh I’ve ust read my post to you…It sounds rather hostile…certaintly not meant that way. Im a clumsy fool sometimes and my writings are the most evident of that .

Can you feel your symptoms litterally travelling downwards or do you get intermitent episodes that are lower down the body?

I have absolutly no idea if im making any sense…so im goint to shut up!!!

I really do hope you feel better very very soon. If you find any answers for this weird thingy I would be very grateful if you could forward it onto me.

I’m a clumsy fool sometimes and my writings are the most evident of that.

Take care

Mandymoo x

Sorry…meant to add that I liked your description of ‘coming in waves’…thats going to help me describe it to the neuro on thursaday


Didnt come across as hostile at all so dont worry.

Yes it does just spread down my body, it feels wierd. Will let you know if I find out what it is.