How to explain the wave of electricity sensation ?

I have relapsing remitting and I have been experiencing a sensation which can only be described as a feeling like a wave of electricity from the sole of my foot all they way up my body finishing in my chin only lasting seconds. I have experienced this from time to time before but this has lasted now for 3 days and unless I’m lying down its happening pretty much at regular intervals, sometimes with just minutes between it happening? I’ve tried to read up on what to do but it’s really getting me down. The main thing is trying to explain how it feels… Does anyone else get this and if so what do you do? It’s really got me down and I just wish it would stop!

Hi Claire,

I got these early on with my ms, when I was rrms. It does have a name, im sorry i can’t remember it though! I called them ‘head nodding tingles’ as i got them when I looked down. Mine went down my arms and legs. Very anoying I know. If you talk to your neuro they will know what your’e talking about. It’s not just you.

I hope they go away soon for you.

Sara x

Sounds like the " L’Hermittes Sign" usually happens when you bend your head forward,… So when you are lying flat in bed you may be keeping your neck straight. Lynn x

i called it buzzing

carole x

Thanks for coming back to me with your thoughts and ideas. It’s nice to hear from others who know what it’s like and can therefore really understand. I’ll ring my MS nurse tomorrow to see what she can do or advise as I don’t see my neuro again for a little while. The feeling I’m getting though sounds like its the other way around as it starts in my foot and goes up to my chin?? I’ll definitely look into L’Hermittes though. Thanks again x

Hi, I had it too! Every time my head went forward my back would buzz and made my finger tips tingle, very strange!! I has it for a good while before it eventually went by itself. Hopefully yours won’t last to long xx

I’ve got it also when I bend my head however mine hasn’t disappeared in 17 years, I do find though the more I do the worse the tingling sensationi is in that it travels higher up the body the more I’ve done. I hope yours goes like others has.

Yep I know what this feels like.

I get what feels like a mild electric shock in my fingertips which then shoots down my body to my feet. It’s weird but not painful. I’ve come to accept it’s just one of those symptoms that I need to put up with. It’s not the worst one!

My neurologist told me Gabapentin would help but it didn’t!

Hope you get some relief soon.