Pin prick test!

First time posting but I’ve found this forum so helpful.
I was diagnosed with RRMS in February this year. I was already on the neurology waiting list due to incidental findings of multiple lesions/demyelination on an unrelated MRI in 2023, but had what I now know is a relapse where I went numb down my left hand side just before the new year (Nb - I also had optical neuritis in 2014, left side facial numbness in 2017 and other episodes of numbness but had no idea this could be MS until now).
Anyhow -I’m slowly on the mend & now just suffering with terrible fatigue, weakness in my left (dominant!) hand & the odd stabby/squeezy pain. I’ve had lots of time to process & come to terms with the diagnosis. I’ll be starting DMT soon & I’m feeling hopeful.
The main reason I’m writing this today is I remembered having a horrible pin prick test when with the neurologist. What the heck was that!!! It was bizarre- I felt really numb in my leg (like when anaesthetic is wearing off) but the pin prick was so blinking painful - why?! Honestly - it makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Has anyone else experienced this heightened sense of pain due to a tiny little pin?! Very trivial question but I’m baffled.

MS does strange things to us. I sometimes can’t stand my husband touching or holding my hand due to heightened sensations/ pain or anything brushing passed my left hand.
I also struggle with noise and light sensitivities.
Mention it to your nurse.
Hopefully you will be starting a DMT soon and there are drugs out there to help with nerve pain , spasms , fatigue etc.
The first thing my neuro advised me to take was Vit D 4 ,000 and Vit K2 everyday.

Thanks so much. I take Vit D but haven’t even heard of K2 so I’ll have a look in to that.
I take Amitriptyline for the pain & it has been a blessing - I couldn’t sleep until I had it as my leg pain was terrible. I hope the DMT works. I will be having Ocrevus; I’m just waiting for the first infusion date. I really want to get past the fatigue & build up some strength.

Hi, I get lots of sensory symptoms too. My neurologist didn’t do the test you mentioned. My GP did, though, have a kind of prod around one of my areas of “altered sensation” with what looked like an awl. However, my sensations are on and off, usually last for just minutes, and at the time she tested I was fine. She was testing for numbness (i.e. could I feel anything).
Very odd sensations do seem to be normal in MS though. Glad you’re on to amitriptyline and lined up for ocrevus. Sounds like you’re on the right track.

The (blunt) pin prick test, I barely feel from the waist down, nowadays; I heard they used to use cotton wool to test the feeling b4 that.
I’ve started to take magnesium supplement again, I remember I used to take it when I opted for homeopathy to treat my MS b4; I’m hoping it will help improve my spasticity.

@DoodleBoo i think i had this test . But i don’t think i felt it tbh at the time …

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