Pills or not ?


Ok long story short cis 4 month ago body still knackered managing pain and fatigue all day so…

Wasnt into the idea of taking particularly pain relief meds such as amatrypline gaabapentine etc

for personal reasons I don’t like taking meds for the long run as worried, what they would do to our already weak bodies! Thats one factor.

The other is dependence getting hooked on these things because been taking for long time body get dependant on them.

Then they’re is internal problems liver kidneys etc.

i don’t smoke rarely drink like to keep active n stay healthy as possible and I really don’t like the idea of getting addicted to anything.

I am really just trying to gauge what folk do to manage pain?

i did try amatyrpline but made me feel awfull for days so scrapped them now on gabapentin 1 per day but doc says get it to 3 per day lol.

hows that good advice? just keep taking more! I do dabble in cbd oil which is fairly good but is expensive to keep up being more herbal I’d rather just take that but not enough on its own, unless the lovely nhs want to pay lol.

I am worried about the long term side effects of being on these pills so would just to hear others opinions. Like I say 4 month from a cis and I’m still in a state so I have gave in now and started small doses.

so what yous all doing? Any granny meds? eat a carrot on a full moon or something lol joking aside I bet they’re is a wee granny trick out there.

Hope that was clear as mud lol

​any advice welcome still learning as I go here.

Thanks for reading and take care.

hi geeman

i admire your determination.

i was taking gabapentin, baclofen, amitriptyline and tizanidine for the first year.

however i noticed that my digestive system was going downhill and i was painfully bloated, my stomach stuck out so much that it made my muscles cramp.

so i stopped the gabapentin with good results, then baclofen (although it works as a muscle relaxant it works too well and my legs could barely hold me up). the rest followed suit.

i honestly can’t say that the pain is any worse but the pills didn’t make it any better either.

so decided to learn to live with my pain.

however i did get some relief from mindfulness which may be worth a try for you.

carole x

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When we are still perfectly healthy, most of us feel that good habits should be quite enough to keep us that way. Of course it feels like an insult when life comes along in the form of neurological trouble and sets us straight on that comfortable illusion. We’ve all been there, believe me!

It sounds to me as though you are struggling with the idea that you might need a bit of pharmacological help to keep you as well as you can be. And you are right to be uneasy - such a deal will always involve trade-offs of risks and benefits, and the best you can hope for is a reasonable balance between them.

When a person has perhaps been a very effective army of one in terms of managing her health, it can be tough to accept that some new forces might need to be recruited to strengthen the line - symptom drugs, for instance. The trick, I think, is always to keep things under review and to take symptom meds only when you feel that you need them.

Personally, if I am really hesitating about taking symptom meds because I’m worried about side effects, that tells me that I’m not in enough trouble to need them. If I am in too much pain or other trouble to care two hoots about side effects, then I’ll take anything I can get my hands on! Not very scientific, but it does keep life simple.



hiya i thought you had to eat a carrot every tue between 3-5pm!!! fab answer as usual alison! i had one life changing attack 5 years ago-ms is a bastard and takes/destroys what and when it wants. the best thing is to train and make strong is your attitude and mind. gosh-that sounds awfy hippy! believe me its not-i was a psychiatric nurse for 11+ years-nursed folk with ms and the main thing that gets me through this listening and learning (not just re ms but different life experiences!) ellie

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