Hi. I am new to this site. Hoping someone can offer some advice. I was diagnosed with CIS in June this year. I had had demeliation 18 years go. My neuro sent me for a spinal scan which I had done two weeks ago. I am due to get the results in October. Since June there is not a day goes by where I feel ok. Fatigue is still a real issue for me. The only thing that has improved slightly is the vertigo. I still have numbness down my left side and when I walk it’s almost like I can feel my legs shaking. Recently I have severe pain in my spine and legs. Can anybody give me some idea when I may or may not ever get some relief? Probably impossible question to ask. But hey hoping someone can give me some hope!

Hello Lou Lou,

may I suggest that you pay a visit to your gp and hopefully he/she can provide you with some pain relief. I feel your pain for you and send (((((HUGS)))))



Hi Janet

i am already on Pregablim. But yes I think you are right. Think I will need to go back to go. Just feel like I’m always there at the moment!! Am supposed to be going to venice next Friday. It was a birthday gift from my husband which I should have gone in June but wasn’t able. Not sure I feel able now! Feel like it’s all to early.

Thank you for your help xx

I’m on Gabapentin (2400 mg) and Amitriptyline (20 mg at night) for pain relief and D3 for the brain fog. Hoping things improve for you soon.

Hi Theresa

i started on gabapentin but was changed to Pregablim as my body was shaking uncontrollably . Guess it’s trial and error!does the d3 help with the brain fog?


Hi Lou lou - For me the D3 (at 1600 iU per day) really helps with the brain fog - I’ve not had any problems with it for several months now (was put on the D3 in March of this year).

Thank you x