Pill popping

The number of tablets and medication I get prescribed with is shocking. One tablet for this one tablet for another. Always before being diagnosised hated taking anything including paracetamol. Do you often worrying that all these pills last count for me about 10 for different things is seriously bad for you. Pumping chemicals into you along with infusions.

I sometimes think to come off the whole lot to see how I go or to look into alternate medicine from the east.

I just ask myself is this going to help me long term. Or do you pick and choose what to take?

When I was first diagnosed 17 years ago I was desperate for medication, anything to slow down or halt the progression, but there was nothing on offer. I had a course of IV steroids which left me constipated and unable to sleep for a week! I don’t sleep well anyway. About a year later I was prescribed Amitriptylene which made me very drowsy, a bonus a decent nights sleep. I’m told it’s an antidepressant often used to help with pain. However I was neither in pain or depressed, but daren’t stop taking it, just in case, although it no longer makes me drowsy. The only other thing I take is amlodipine for high blood pressure, and at the start of the pandemic my gp suggested a vitamin D tablet daily. So, I’m not on much, but I understand what you’re saying. Please don’t do anything hasty, talk to your GP, or MS nurse if you have one, or your neurologist. It may or may not be appropriate to cut down or come off some altogether, but it’s really not a good idea just to stop the lot.

It’s always worth asking a good pharmacist for a regular medication review. The natural tendency of a meds list is to get longer and longer, particularly when one has a chronic progressive neurological condition with a whole host of symptoms. By contrast, pruning the list tends to take deliberate effort.