New medication worries

Have been on 40mg propranolol and 10mg amytriptylline for about a year now, my symptoms are much the same, manageable but tiresome and demoralising, my neuro thinks I would be much better on small dose of pregabalin once daily at night. I’m nervous to stop others and start new one, would rather not take any med at all. My symptoms are present daily, spams, sensory head stuff like neuralgia, aching eyes n teeth, post nasal drip affecting swallow, sleep disturbance due to anxiety? Would appreciate any comments from yous with experience of this. Thanx

Hello Wanderer,panic ye not.I don’t have any personal experience of that combination of drugs,but may I humbly suggest that you scutinize the instructions that come with the drugs with regards to mixing with other stuff and reducing the dosage.There cannot be anything dodgy about doing this otherwise he/she/it wouldn’t be suggesting it

THEY are the MS ‘experts’ but WE are the users.

Before you start changing the dosages and if you are still a bit apprehensive,'praps you could Google the drugs and see what is out there.There shouldn’t be anything really different to the instructements but it couldn’t do any harm.Finally,and then I’ll leave you alone,is there anybody close who you can run all this past?

Don’t be surprised if the symptoms improve a bit when you get started,

Laters, Wb