Enough now, please

So today I decided to man up and take the pregablin in the morning as well as night time us suggested by neuro…huge mistake, apart fron being mrs zombie all day the numbness in ny face and throat is unbearable, so I have decided to stop taking the damn things altogether, anyone else feel worse on this horrid drug

Hi Mrs Ricco, I too didn’t do well on pregabalin.

However different drugs suit different people. Try Gabapentin… or Amitriptyline which is the one that I tolerate better.

Pat x

I’ve tried gabapentin, amitriptyline and carbamazepine , they just make me feel so lousy, was defiantly having a angry day yesterday ( think I was just venting) its so difficult isn’t it, more frustration and self doubt all the time…nature of the beast I suppose, , thanks for the reply xxxx