Drugs are bad m'kay....

I’ve never been one for popping pills, but recently i have started taking about a dozen a day. Pretty soon i might start to rattle.

I am always eager to be tempted by alternatives and I am constantly seeking out the next ‘perfect solution’… (i find the proactivity of foraging at least yields a sense of having some hope.)

One avenue of enquiry lies with the use of Vitamin D as an alternative / compliment to Interferon and other exorbitantly priced DMDs.

Has anyone, to any degree, followed this route of experimentation; ie. used both, or ‘metalled up’ enough to replace the difficult to spell pharms with simple Vit D mega doses?

I realise we are all different, but there is still some insight from experience. I am therefore grateful for any and all.

my gp runs my blood tests every 6 months and i always request for my vit d levels to be checked.

there has been talk of overdosing on vit d but i reckon that with our national lack of sunshine it’ll be alright.

as far as alternative or complementary therapies go - HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy) works for me.

its usually available at ms therapy centres.

also keeping happy is important and i’m lucky enough to have some fab friends who make plans with me.

it will be interesting to read your other replies.

carole x

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I’m on 1600 iU D3 a day along with the Gabapentin at 2400 mg and Amitriptyline at 20 mg - I am due to ‘man up’ and start reducing the Gabapentin very shortly - but think I will opt to stay on the D3 primarily because it definitely reduces the cognitive [brain fog] problems I was having. We shall see how things go during Oct, Nov and possibly Dec 2014 as the Gabapentin is tailed back - should be interesting - the employers and co-workers have been warned it could get messy

I have read a few reports that conclude taking a minimum of 4000 UI of D3 daily, can yield benefits comparable to that seen when on Interferon.

With other studies illustrating the unlikelihood of overdosing on D3, (subjects ingested over 40 000UI daily, whilst enduring no toxicological effects) I think I am remaining within margins of safety (so far so good at least).

It is not that i had a typical vitamin deficiency, it is more that i suspect my predisposition to get the MS meant that i need an atypical (aka bloody enormous) daily dose of the vitamin.

Not having bawls enough to go ‘purely vitamin’, i am indulging the notion of using the ‘best of both worlds’.

There was a lady on here once that took 5000ui a day of vit d3 who started to feel pretty ill. She had a blood test and her vit d levels were extremely high. In fact, they were through the roof!!!

She stopped her dose of vitamin d3 until her level reduced to a normal rate. She then felt a lot better and then started to take a lower dose.

This lady worked in the medical profession. She came on here to recommend that if people wanted to go down the ‘big dose of vit d’ route then to have regular blood tests to keep an eye on their levels.

She warned that too much vit d3 can in fact have a negative effect and make some symptoms worse.

I do agree that taking vit d3 is a good idea but the blood tests must be done also

I believe vit d3 should be taken alongside a dmd. Taking only vit d3 on its own has not been shown to have any effect on frequency/severity of relapses. I think more trials are underway on vit d3.

dmd’s have been proven in trials to reduce frequency/severity. vit d3 has not!


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