Picolax / loss of bowel function

Hi all. Just registered.

Does anyone here use Picolax, as a regular bowel treatment?

I ask because having PPMS and Cauda Equina, my bowel just does not work at all now. Been through all the usual treatments, such as Lactulose, mini-enemas, Movicol etc; i’m awaiting to start Peristeen system, once i’ve seen Continence Advisor. But meantime, GP has recomended Picolax. worked about 40%, but i’d need to take on regular basis…Does anyone take Picolax regularly? Any help appreciated.

l had to take Picolax before going for a colonoscopy [camera up the —] l found it very ‘aggressive’ - l spent nearly all day on the loo!!

l am sure you will find the Peristeen kit a great help. l have had mine for about 3yrs. l did use it every day for a few weeks -then gradually

l managed to use it less often. lts a great help. lts good to have your bowels work when you want them to - and not when they think they should. Glycerin suppositories are another useful aid.

Thanks Campion for your reply.

Unfortunately, i certainly did not find Picolax “aggressive”…i only wish!

It did help somewhat though, compared to all the usual treatments i’ve used (Lactulose, suppositories, Movicol, enemas etc), which is why i was hoping to hear from someone on here who uses Picolax on a regular basis, to hear their feedback, good or bad. Because my bowel has reached a stage now with ppms and cauda equina, where it has completely stopped working (the Cauda Equina has had a massive impact on my loss of bowel function, amongst other things) and i’m feeling devastated. I’ve had chronic constipation for years, but this total lack of function is a whole new ball game! and i’m trying my very best not to be taken into hospital and still self-manage, especially something so personal, hence Anon (sorry!). Thanks .

What l should have told you was - that l saw the advert for the Peristeen in the Pathways mag and l actually rang Coloplast and they got one of their continence advisors to get in touch. They sent me the ‘dvd’ [not to be shared with friends] and within a week one of their reps and a nurse came to my house. They showed me how to use it - l know its embarrassing but hey ho - it was worth the blushes. l learnt that most of the ‘para-athletes’ use it. When ever l see the wheel-chair games - l did use to wonder how they got on with ‘toilet problems’ - because l know l have to be very near a loo all the time - and queuing is not an option.

So my advice to you is go ahead and contact Coloplast yourself - tell them its urgent!


I use picolax on a semi-regular basis - possibly once every two weeks when the Movicol I usually take decides to stop working for a couple of days. Even taking 8 sachets of Movicol in one go does not give the relief that Picolax does.

I hope you get some relief from it.

I was prescribed Peristeen treatment when I saw Consultant late last year. However I was not told would have to do treatment for myself until a few weeks ago. I had been discussing with DNs, GP et al about who would do! I have now broadened to local MP and Ministerfor Health? Still waiting guidance on what I was told would be really helpful treatment that would lead to my being able to leave the house without the “fear”.

Hi Anon (the one above this reply)

As I understand it the treatment can be done by self or partner or nurses from surgery.

Peristeen is a fantastic product but I am finding the so called customer care service a disgrace-complaint currently being looked at.

Hi Anon

Perhaps a combination of Peristeen and Picolax will work for you? Pity theres not a universal answer for each of our issues! I hope that you find YOUR solution soon.

Ellie x

Thanks for advice. I have now had chat with fellow MSer and they are in same situation. Peristeen sorted and delivered but no one to help when you cannot do treatment themselves. I currently have suppositories three times a week but still not enough to manage bowels. As Campion says would be great to control bowels as much as poss. Certainly fed up with them controlling my life!!