physiotherapy but not as I know it

Next week marks a whole new chapter in my physio, wish me luck


Hope it goes well Don, I’ve started an Aquafit class, one of the ladies who takes my Neuro exercise takes the session. It’s great fun, I’m amazed how much easier my movement is in water. I can’t keep up with others in the class but I do what I can. I have to be careful leaving the water though as walking is worse immediately after. There is a chair that lowers you in the water and lifts out if needed. I look on it as part of my social life if nothing else it gets me out of the house.

Hope you enjoy and it helps your movement long term.

Jan x

Thats Brilliant Don,

Will they give you arm bands??? I used to go to a disability swim…ironically before i was disabled. It was a charity that had set up a disabled swim session every Tuesday night 8 till 9, I always took Molly and Isabelle they loved it Molly used to take her little dolls, i always remember the fuss she made when one of them got sucked down the drain,…there was no way we could have gone home with out it, she caused such a commotion… two life guards had to lift the drain cover and rescue it! Unfortunately we stopped going when i got ill, not being able to drive and also the shock of losing my mobility rapidly put a stop to it…They’ve now closed that pool and built a new one, My girls still ask if we can go again

I hope it goes well for you…get Heather to buy you some Jazzy trunks, I recently bought Ben (18 year old son) some from M and S with sharks on them!

Michelle and Frazer xx

Good Luck Don, hope all goes well,

take care,

Nina x

Good luck Don, I reckon it will be brilliant.

Let us know how it goes please.

Pam x

Let us know how you get on my O/T started this but I’ve just moved out of that area but something I’m still interested in trying it!

Sonia x

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I will keep you updated as to how it goes. My trunks are plain black ones, Heather and her sister scoured the area M&S Primark Tesco etc all to no avail and came up trumps or should that be trunks in JB Sport. I tried them out today and all I can say is they fit. Not the fashion statement that I had hoped for but hey ho


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Hello Don.

No figure hugging slinky speedos for you then? I was offered hydro-therapy a few years ago, but I opted for traditional land lubber’s bending and straining instead. I just envisaged the whole hassle of getting changed and getting dry nonsense. But a work colleague at the time had it and said it was quite beneficial, if only for the experience of the movement itself. It’s been fifteen years since I went swimming. I must have gone in circles as I had no movement from the left leg. That was it. Most pools are rectangular and will not accommodate the one-legged duck technique.

Raining buckets in East Sussex today.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Goodluck Don,

I am far too vain / fat to get in a public pool (someone might get a harpoon) and as you say swimming in circles seems silly. I did get to use a small private pool in the summer and it was amazing to walk in the shallow end without falling and not being afraid of falling. I found it the most amazing exercise although by the time I realised I was knackered (about 10 minutes in) I was nearly too tired to get out and needed vast amounts of help to get dry and dressed. I hope you get some great benefit from this activity.

Cheers Mick

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Thanks Mick, I must say I am not looking forward to all the extra effort but as they say no pain no gain. I will put trunks under my clothes and Heather has to dress undress me so in real terms she is the one who gets all the hard work. What concerns me is the heat and the after effects. It’s the unknown and I don’t do unknowns.

Let you all know how it goes.


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Steve like yourself I have one left that won’t work or at least one that is less than helpful. I like the one legged Duck analogy is a good one, I just hope I float like a duck I weigh more now than ever before and have a sneaky suspicion fat ducks sink.

Xxx Don