Physio long wait!

Hi Everyone,

My MS nurse said she would arrange physio for me, I received a letter from the Physio’s today stateing they would write within 12 weeks to arrange an appointment. Don’t we have a good service down south? Sorry for the gripe just needed to vent my frustration at the system.

Janet x

Hi Janet,

I think 12 weeks is the standard guideline that’s quoted to everyone! You should not have to wait longer than 12 weeks, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t hear before that - if you’re lucky!


Thanks for quick reply Tina, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope.

Janet x


I was referred by my MS nurse beginning of November and I waited 4 weeks, was seen beginning of December. So not too bad at all, however my GP told me that there is a big waiting time to see physios nationally.

Hopefully you will get seen soon.


Thanks Cathy, I do to, I’m so stiff I’m like a board at times (most of the time).

Janet x