How long should I be waiting for MS neurologist appointment?

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS three weeks ago by a vascular neurologist following all the standard investigations. He discharged me and wrote a referral letter to the MS clinic. I phoned yesterday the central booking office yesterday but they haven’t received a referral. Does anyone know standard time you’d be waiting? I’m eager to be seen to learn more and start treatment.

Standard waiting time? Good Joke!

But seriously, there is no such thing. If a referral has actually been done, the central booking should have a record. Perhaps you should contact the Neuro’s secretary and ask if he has done the referral - if not, she might give her boss a jog about it.

Mind you, three weeks is not long at this time of year (holidays and all that) and the secretary could well have only just got round to it.

Another check is that you should have had a copy of the letter from Neuro to GP saying that you had been discharged by him and referred to a different Neuro. If this has not been done, then the holiday season could be responsible again, of course, but asking at the surgery if such a letter has been received will tell you if there is a general hold-up, or if you should chase the referral directly.

Some Neuros devote say one day each month for dealing with correspondence (I had one like that at one time) and that is another reason to chase the secretary.



Hi I was diagnosed a year ago with RRMS. I was told to write down any questions I have for when I see my assigned MS Neurologist. I have been to visit my MS nurse but I have no Neurologist appt on the books due. Presume this is because I’m well enough to not be eligible for medication. Def chase up if you don’t hear soonish - my ms nurse has been fantastic. Fade

Thank you for your messages. I think it’s a disgrace there’s no standardised framework once diagnosed given I work for the NHS as a health professional where strict pathways exist. I’ll be annoying that secretary tomorrow!

Hi I hope you’ve been getting help since u posted ur message, I got a lot of help quik from my ms nurse, doctor, neurologist

Thanks Mando. Given the impact a diagnosis has regardless of current wellness, its a sorry shame there’s no proper support for us. It shows the lack of consistency in healthcare for different diseases.