How long did you wait for physio?

Hi Just wondered how long folk have waited for a physio appointment following referral? When I had a relapse this time last year I was dx in June and referred to physio in July. I could not drive for three months or write for seven and although my writing has come back, in a fashion, I can’t lift my arm very high still and have some problems with hand. Maybe they don’t think I am bad enough to qualify but ms nurse has chased it for me. Anyway I have now waited nearly ten months and wondered if this was usual. Thanks Mish x

Dear Mish, sorry you have had to wait so long - maybe they have lost your initial referral because that seems excessive! Good that your MS nurse is chasing. I also wonder if, like so many health related things, it’s a bit of a post code lottery. I waited less than a month from referral for mine - she’s ace by the way so I’m sure it will help when you eventually get to go. Best of luck x

That seems long, chase it up, maybe ring the actual physio dept. I was referred dec I think, got first appointment beg March. X

you shouldnt be waiting so long.

my appointment came through within 3 months

as lisalou said, chase it up, ring the physio dept

good luck

carole x


Referred in November and just about to start now, too long to wait!

I know physios are always in demand but your wait seems to be very long. I was seen about 5 weeks after referral at my local hospital. The physio was very good and I had about 5/6 sessions with her. But I am not on their records so if I should need a physio again I can now self refer rather than go through GP/MS nurse.

Good that your nurse is trying to sort it out-maybe phone the physio department up to to see when an appointment will become available.

oops meant to say I am now on their records… rather than not on their records

waited 4 months for my 1st appointment.arrived happy to be there,then my physio told me that in four weeks the nuero unit was being ended due to budget i managed to get 5 sessions before i was told the unit was closed.paitents and staff alike were heartbroken.i had been to this unit before and they really worked magic on thanks to this rotten goverment its all gone ,but look on the tory brightside of life the tories have their private medical care the bankers have their bonus,s and the rich get richer and of course the rest of us get stitched up.alls well in tory land

Thank you for all your replies. I know physios are a rare breed at my hospital but I am glad it’s not just me who thinks its a long wait. Was told it would be five to six months originally and I know they got referral as someone phoned to check my details. Trouble is my ms nurse chased it a month ago but still no appointment. I have got so used to my dodgy arm now and manage ok, so have given up chasing. Thought if I hung on long enough I would have another relapse and be front of the queue! Lol…well you gotta laugh or cry! I hope once I am seen I might be in the system it I do need them again. Definitely is a postcode lottery for a lot of services. Thanks again. Mish x