phone question

Off ms topic probably but does anyone else struggle with thir mobile phone? I find I’m scrolling through endless icons trying to work out how to just make a phone call. The only good thing is on what seems to be the home screen I have a quick link to 3 favourites so I can dial them. Smart phone my buttocks lol Axx

These newfangled things need SmartUsers, don’t they?! ;p I must admit I use mine alot (especially at the moment as our computer gave up) and aside from trouble typing, I can usually find my way round it. This is my first touch-screen phone and when I got it, I was unsure how easy I’d find the ‘keypad’ but for the first few months I was fine! Barely a typo. These days… The quicj briwn fix kumped iver the laxy did…that is at normal quick typing speed without using the delete button. I have to go slower and edit as I go. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Also…my hubby wanted to watch something on Youtube yesterday on my phone. I was trying to help our daughter so I had to tell him verbally how to use it. Trouble was, I just could not express in words what I know well enough to do. I had to go and physically do it. He was annoyed and saud ‘you could have just told me!’ but I really couldn’t!! Thanks, brainfog.

Thats kind of like my typing too without the editing or predictive text. I actually don’t think I struggled as much when I first got it now some days I’m nearly crying trying to find out how to call someone and give it to my daughter to do it for me lol A

My typing is rubbish on my phone. Luckily predictive text usually helps but sometimes hinders.

Same here! This is my first touch-screen phone, and my right hand does not seem at all conducive to hitting these tiny little squares correctly…thank goodness for the delete button!

Tip - on mine (a Samsung Galaxy S3) if I turn the phone sideways, the keypad is larger. The downside to this is that the text window is smaller and you have to move your hand further…but it might be helpful to some if your phone does the same.

I am exactly the same. Me and Mr Delete Button are now the best of friends when previously we were just acquaintances!! It’s so annoying but i am much worse in the evenings; in fact i just get worse as the day goes on. Can’t complain much though - my phone is my lifeline at the moment!