Does anyone else do this?

Hi all

I seem to have this problem that when I use a remote controls, PCs or mobile phones for example my fingers seems to do there own thing and I end up pressing buttons that I didnt want them to.

Does this happen to anyone else ?

It is very annoying when I am just meaning to change the channel on the tv and end up starting the video up or switching the tv off.

One day my friend showed me a text message she had received from her Brother ( first communication from him in a long time) and for some reason I deleted it. I was so embarrased and couldn’t understand how I had managed to do it as I definately didn’t mean to. My fingers just seem to do there own thing. This may sound really stupid to some of you, but it is really annoying.

By the way, I don’t handle anyone elses phone anymore.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has this annoying problem


Hi, yes this happens to me frequently, not only pressing wrong buttons but actually forgettinh how to work the remote and my phone! Very frustrating. :frowning:

Yes I also forget how to work things, even the most simplest. I regularly cannot figure out how to switch the television on or use the phone etc.

I seem to be having “independant finger syndrome” at the moment! Just now deleted two posts before I sent them and deleted a couple of texts before I’d seen them properly!