Advice about a new phone please

I’ve been using my 10 year old basic Nokia happily but, I think I need to update to what I would call a smart phone probably that term shows how far I am behind the times I am… So what would advise me to get bearing mind I hit wrong buttons on the Nokia

Cheers David Holmes

Hi David. From past experience I recommend a visit to the Carphone Warehouse. Independent and unbiased, they were wonderful to me when I went for their help a few years ago. Like you, I was way out of touch. I asked a kind looking guy if he could be patient with me and advise a smartphone novice on what to buy. Told him my budget and even got to try out his own phone!

I got a Samsung Galaxy j3. Perfect for what I want.

stay with your Nokia i have tried 2 smart phones the last one hit the wall ha ha. I cant get on with this slidy thing and loose text cant find out how to make a phone call and i used to teach I.T. lol.

the best phones really for are Doro. the Doro 8035 i have tried it and it was the easiest step up to smart i found. I didnt get it because i love my clam shell lol. Because i dont go out much i use my laptop. but have a look at Doro. dont go too advanced on smart with the slidy things ugh i hated it. xx good luck AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

CC i am just the same with the ‘slidey things’ i cant get on with them at all.I still ha ve my old basic nokia to text and make the odd call.I use my laptop all the time as i am indoors a lot.Happy new year!

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Have just changed my phone - (got it from Te***) - the guy was brilliant he managed to transfer all my contacts form the original phone to the Sim card and then from the old Sim card to the new Sim card. Still learning how to use it - can’t forward anything and getting capital letters remains a mystery. These buttons are so fine tuned it’s very easy to get the wrong response - a text message to my niece wishing her a Merry Christmas which ended with ‘Love and XXXX’ went to a former male colleague whose name was next to her in my contacts list. (He responded with ‘Love and XXXX’) Everyday with a new mobile phone is an adventure!)


lol that did give me a giggle, i have been there and well thats why my new phone ended up against the wall. lol.


I had the same problem with smart phones the slidy thing…called my son at work twice by mistake …caused too much stress …passed it onto grand daughter …im same use my laptop …

It took me 3 years to get my smartphone working the way I wanted and now the wretched think is failing. O I am dreading having to get used to a new one. I am using a budget version of android and a large screen. 6 inch is as small as I will go because of my shaky hands. Otherwise the keyboard is way too small. I do love having a camara on my phone. ell

I put off getting a smart phone for a while, partly because I thought they’d be too slippy to hold safely and I’d always be pressing the wrong button. BUT, I got a protective case for the phone, and I can hold that securely - I drop it much less than my old mobile phone. And I use the ‘swype’ way of writing text on the phone (only on Android I think). It was a lot easier to get used to than I thought. Of course I write the wrong things at times, but I can live with that - the other benefits more than make up for it. Plus you can do a lot of things, like write a text or search the internet, by voice commands alone - no need to type anything. I thought about getting a Doro, as they specialise in phones for elderly people. But I decided to go for a Motorola Moto E, as they’re generally the best budget phones around, and I’m really happy with it.


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