Iphone or Buttons??

Hi! what do people tend to use now with m/s & mobile phones!, i needed a new one & js moved home back to my roots Macclesfield, & thought !!! about time i got a new phone as mine was old & hit the deck many times, i have cog fog & slippy hands with little/no feeling…

My question is… buttons, which i am used to! & feel the click when pressed & don’t seem over complicated,

or a smart phone/ I phone ??? what my friends think would be good for me??? I do know the way i think, but would like to hear others thought’s!! What do you use???

juju … … conffusssssed…


my phone has big buttons, i can only text or phone-no pictures or internet connection.

i was ‘lucky’ to try an ipad for a month. everybody said it would be so much easier for me. rubbish! i hated it! too shaky to use it and my speech it didnt recognise. am staying with my wee cheap phone which has been dropped countless times but is fine!


I love my iphone and my iPad.

I cant type on an old style keyboard anymore so this suits my two thumbs typing. And I can’t manage without my diary app either. Or my calendar, reminders, shopping list, notes. My life is all kept organised in my ithings. And my OH also has an iphone, so we share the calendar etc. It makes life work for us.

I was the most technologically averse person, I didn’t want an iPod, or an iPad, or ianything. Until I was dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world. Now I can’t manage without. Mind you, I don’t actually use the phone for much!


I had an old style phone for ages., after going into Vodaphone and saying “it needs to have BIG buttons”. Eventually realised the constant finger picking (for instance on older phones to get S, you pressed the keys 4 times) was making the tendons in my hand ache.

Son reckoned I’d be better with touch screen and thats what I have now, took me a while to adjust and I do have shaky hands. I’m slower to txt than most ppl but touch screen worked out better over all. i turn the screen to landscape cuz the buttons are larger that way.

Recently got a Xperia J (2nd hand) and thats about the right size. Too large and its too heavy for me to hold for long. As it is, if I’m home, I’ll rest it on a cushion on my lap. I do computery stuff on my laptop, where my wrists can rest on the desk surface.

The must have… A really good case for it so when you drop it you don’t break it !

Absolutely. I keep dropping my phone, it teases my OH every time I do it, cos if mine breaks, he gets a new one and I get his! (House rules - it’s fair enough, he uses it all the time, is a certified ‘gadget man’ and pays for it!)

But as it’s well protected, it fails to break. I probably need to run over it with a wheelchair wheel.


Thank you all, this morning i hated this damed shiney thing that my friends told me to go for!!,Urm! friend?? but now after reading this & my pal showing me how this can help me, love the caleder bit, button no more, juju xx thankx xx

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glad u found your solution juju! this dinosaur will go back in her cave lol! ellie

Bought my MIL a new phone today. She spilt water on the last 1, it’s a olcatel, big button, camera, easy to use. I have an i phone, she can’t manage the swipy malarky, good phone, does what it says on the tin (nice looking too)