Apple or Android? (crumbs)

Hello! I’m having a go at this again…Anyway, upon reading the post about gadgetry, I think it is time that I got with the times and got me a smartphone as I can see that I can benefit from its bits and bobs. Now, I don’t particularly want to plump for an iphone as I hear that Android OS are beating the Apple OS in the mobile operating systems war(and apple cost a frikking bomb)…What do the experts here think? cheers Steffi xx


Hi Steffi! It really does depend on what you want out of it. I was given an iPad so I had experiance of apple, but used a HTC desire (android). The reason why I swapped was because for me, the touch screen on the HTC was not as easy to type with as my daughters IPhone. I played about with big button apps on the HTC but I just could not get on and the spell checker seemed to be less than helpful. When I did swap to the IPhone 4 it so ment I could use the apps I had down loaded for my iPad without purchasing them again. Saying that my friends swear by their android phones, the ease at which you are able to adapt it and the things you can down load. I would suggest nipping into a shop and getting tactile with both devices and see what you thing. There are many pro’s and con’s for each, the biggest against the IPhone is the fact you must maintain an ITunes account to download anything. Android you don’t. Really is, as I said what you want out of your device. Strudders.

If it’s any help Steffi, I love my iPhone, but then I don’t do anything terribly exciting with it: sync it with my Outlook diary, text, call, browse the internet & play a few games - all possible on any smartphone. I haven’t had any problems with it at all, but my daughter’s iPhone screen broke when all she did was pick it up and she had to have a 10 minute argument with the guy in the Apple shop to get it replaced even though it was in warranty and she’d done nothing to it. Apparently the screen is weak in the corners, so not so good - perhaps other types are more sturdy? Karen x

Most of my family have iPhone, not one person has moaned about them. I adore mine and find it very easy to use.