Phenomenal Blood

Phenomenon is the word used by my neurologist, not me.

“… blood tests showed a low IgM level of 0.26g/L, with no paraprotein and normal immunoglobulins. This is a very persistent phenomenon his immunoglobulins have been low for over the past three years …”

Can anyone translate that for me, please?

I can’t imagine anyone on here can.

I would imagine most people would only Google, unless there are any medics/haematologists on the forum. Presumably you’ve received this report through the post? Probably best to contact your gp for a translation.

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A “phenomenon” is a fact.

“Phenomenal” means something exceptional or amazing.

I doubt if your blood is phenomenal.



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Haha! - sorry but John’s comment did make me giggle ^^^

I’m loving the idea of having phenomimal blood!

and you should see the state of the rest of me!

phenomenal blood, mega limp, marvellous memory fails etc

OK. We’re all phenomenal then.

My blood aspires to be phenomenal. Sadly it is not.


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your gp may be able to help explain…or are you due another neuro appointment soon?


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Hi eclectic you are clearly worried about your blood results see you docter for explanation .

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Hubby calls me a mongoose because, according to Rudyard Kipling, the mongoose motto is “Go and find out”. So I had a mongoose moment and hit Google.

All those confusing terms are to do with your immune system. Immunoglobulin is a fancy word for antibodies. IgM and paraprotein are particular kinds of antibodies, with IgM being the largest antibody and the first to be produced in response to infection.

OK, so that’s what the words mean. You’ll need to speak to a doctor to find out the significance of the blood test results.