Morning all.

Would you mind giving some thought to signing this petition please. I was prompted to sign by a story in my local paper.

A local Mum of 31 was diagnosed with Wild Type Gastrointestinal Stomal Tumour ( GIST) when she was 22.

She said she wants a chance to grow old enough to see her young daughter get married.

Currently there is no cure for GIST and it cannot be operated on.

Now the drug which is likely to prolong this woman’s and others lives could soon be taken off the NHS.

Without the drug, all this mum can be offered is pain relief and end of life care.

Thank you x

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Done Noreen (Really sad) and another case of cuts in the NHS.

Shazzie xx

signed x



Signed – 102,000+ signatures!





Signed. And by my husband too. xx

Just signed, hope it’s successful.


Thank you Ronin.

Hope you are doing ok. I haven’t seen you on the boards for a while


read article, even more disgusted with our government and now seething as they could afford treatment for everyone in the uk if they ‘grew some’ and made all businesses (presumably led by cameron’s eton chums) pay their tax LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES!!!.. gggggghhhhhrrrrrrr…

rant over- signed petition. thanks for posting it blossom

fluffyollie xx

ps bump!

Thank you fo

It does leave you feeling angry and frustrated when reading the article.

The young lady in the radio interview, puts her views across very eloquently. How she holds her emotions together, when she is only 31 and has two young children-makes me feel so humble.

This drug at present is the last chance of hope for these people.