Petition to end Atos WCA. Please sign (with link)

Please read and sign… and share on Facebook and Twitter…

Pat x



Is there a time limit on signing this? I find reading hard these days and need my carer to make understanding of it for me. I do understand a little and why I am interested, but I would like to have it explained to me.


Hi Moogle star, I can’t find a deadline date on it… but it was only posted on internet 3 days ago so I’m sure it will be open for at least a couple of weeks or more.

Wait until your carer is able to read and explain it to you.

Pat x

Done and shared xx


Done and passed on to friends

Great find, Pat, thanks for link! (signed!) x



I did the atos interview a few weeks ago, I was having a “good day” with minimal pain from spasticity in legs and back, and cognition was having an ok day too. She said I could appeal against the decision, ie she had already made up her mind. I’m waiting for their decision so I can appeal. Petition done. F.

Done and shred on facebook with pleasure. Barbara.xx